Joe Cianciotto Provides Valuable Insight on The Aspect of Marketing and Advertising

Advertising and marketing are two of the fastest growing industries in the modern world. However, not all are adequately aware of the distinction between them. As underlined by Joe Cianciotto advertising goes beyond the sphere of adverting and sales, and has certain management functions as well. Marketing managers are required to act as leaders, and both design and run programs that enable companies to meet their core objective of maximum profits. There has been an unprecedented expansion of media and communication technology across the world over the last decade, which subsequently provided a great boost to the advertising and marketing industry as well. Mr.Cianciotto has been associated the domain of advertising and communication for quite some time.

While they have their differences, advertising and marketing do share certain links. In fact, advertising is often seen as one of the elements of marketing, which has a much broader scope. Both of them also have the same core objectives, which is to alert the consumers about the products and services being sold. Putting a major emphasis on these two vital business functions, Joe Cianciotto says that advertising is quite literally the process of making a product and service known to an audience.  Unless the audience is aware of the availability of a product, there is no question of them buying it. Hence, proper advertising strategies are required to promote the offerings of the target audience, so that the target audience becomes adequately aware of it.  In most cases, advertising campaigns are carried out through diverse media channels to promote a product and reach an expansive number of audiences. It is crucial to use advertising in a timely and structured manner, to ensure optimal benefits.

As highlighted by Joe Cianciotto marketing, on the other hand, is a process that involves research, design and creation of strategies that helps in perfectly positioning a product or service with the target audience. Marketing strategies go a long way in defining the product and its place in the marketplace. In the modern consumerist society, marketing plays a crucial role in stimulating the masses to purchase a certain product or seek out distinct service.

Research and analysis are the two core elements of marketing. This business function involves studying audience response and creating strategies that would be effective in pursuing them and engaging them. While a certain group of customers responds better to images and words, others are more attracted to slogans and mission statements. With the help of the four Ps, which are product, place, price and promotion, companies must design a marketing plan that perfectly caters to the requirements the diverse range of target audience. Advertising, however, does not have the aspect of price or place involved, and it majorly deals with promoting the relevant product or service.  It includes the creation of a campaign that perfectly aligns with the wants and requirements of the prospective audience, and leaves a lasting impact on their mind.

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