A Comprehensive Guide to different types of Rat Poisons

As we are through a very tough pandemic due to covid 19 that is novel corona virus searching our past history long years ago also there is a similar pandemic time due to plague disease. Many researchers those days tried to find out the origin of deadly infectious disease plague. Then they got to know unbelievable truth that is a rat is a vector for the disease plague.

Then onwards most of the researchers started to study about rats. Many unknown things came into existence that rat shares same genetically characters of human being.

Many rat poisons are introduced and among them many are recorded as success fully used poisons in the year 2020. You may also visit https://bighomechores.com/best-rat-poisons/ for more knowhow.

Biffen granules 25 pounds:

  • It is most helpful one for killing the rats in agricultural areas. It is not a rat poison but used successfully to kill rats also.
  • The main objective of these granules is to kill Roaches, fleas, ticks etc. They are also used for fire ants, control chinch bugs. It is said to be placed outside the house before and at the time of rain.
  • Water activates these granules so it is said to spread before raining. It absorbs into the soil and starts working.
  • Active ingredient of this is bifenthrin. This leads to paralysis and kills the pests.

D-con ready mix baits:

  • This product is high trusted brand. It is a perfect choice for every rat to kill them in their own style.
  • The quality of rat poison is 100% good quality. The product comes to us in the form of a tray with four despairs in it. Every dip will have a poison bite.
  • Active ingredient is Brodifacoum. The chemical ingredient attacks the vitamin K of rats.
  • Vitamin K is responsible for anticoagulant in a rat body. Coagulation of blood occurs and rat dies



  • PN is products name peanut butter. This comes in 144 blocks each in one ounce.
  • Product has peanut butter flavour in it that attracts rats.
  • Active ingredient is diphacinone.It doesn’t kill the rats like other products immediately or in a week. After this use it takes one week for a rat to get significant changes like weakening etc.


MOTOMCO Jaguar and Mouse bait.

  • This is a harmless poison to kill the rats.
  • Cereals and vegetables are used in this. Only feed is sufficient to kill
  • 25g of Diphacinone rodenticide and a strike of Brodifacoum are lively elements of this poison.
  • The elements coat a layer in stomach. It also removes memory of rat brain and thus rat forgets to drink water. The body becomes dry and blood becomes dense after two days later circulation stops.

Motomco 008-32345 Tom cat:

It is used to kill highly dangerous Norway rats. It is also effective in killing roof rats.it is low price compared to others.

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