How Canada Immigration Differs from UK Immigration

So, what makes you think you are entitled to citizenship? What have you done to earn it? Citizenship is a constitutional privilege that is not granted to people because they think they deserve it. The process of expanding or restricting the state border to allow people from other countries to live legally is the act of immigration.

It has been historically noted that Canada and the United Kingdom have a connected interior of a long chain of policy ties and a long history of common values. It’s imperative to note that Canada’s international security policy, which often goes in terms of the immigration program, is also committed to widening the bilateral relationship between the two.

Canada Immigration

Before jumping into comparisons, it’s essential to know the canada immigration system. As Canada is the most desired country to get Permanent Residency (PR), the immigrants from across the globe apply for PR to Canada to enjoy the rights, privileges, and benefits of a legal Canadian citizen. One of the most liveable countries in the world, Canada is the world’s biggest country in terms of water resources and oil services. Some of the important highlights for a Canadian immigrant are –

canada immigration system

  • Work Freedom:The canada immigration system allows people to work freely anywhere under an employer except for high government jobs.
  • Health Awareness: Applying for health insurance after living for a few months opting for provincial universal health care coverage can help people with small medical expenses.
  • Taxing: Immigrants can bear taxes based on physical residency and not on income earned outside Canada
  • Subsidized Education: Immigrants can easily be enrolled under university or college level programs by gaining access to subsidized post-secondary education being provided by the federal government. Language courses are also free.

Thus, every Canadian immigrant is safely protected under the Canadian federal government to safeguard the right to permanent residency, which differs it from uk immigration.

As UK depicts the quantum of working-class needs for its huge population dynamics, UK immigration has a positive effect on GDP but the increasing workforce has helped to alleviate the needs of food, natural resources, and production management costs. There has been ample misinformation about the rise of uk immigration but as per the Office of National Statistics, in 2017 the net immigration of UK was 90,000 for reasons like –

  1. Job security.
  2. Education
  3. Economic Flourishment

Bottom Line

It’s mandatory to consider that UK immigration policies are smoother and much more attractive because of the country’s edifice than Canada. Although the reality has been contrary to Canada who welcomed more immigrants than the UK with its belief in open borders and globalization, leading to less poverty and creative humanity.

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