Know a Business You are Buying From – When You need to Verify

The background checks are essential. Even for buying a mobile phone, we do a lot of research about the phone and also about the seller. So, when it comes to business, you have to make a lot of checks before entering a deal. If you hire an accredited third party for this job, they will perform a variety of background checks, including all essential aspects of the business. Let us look at the background checks. You can see if you hire a TPI.

Company Background Check

Some providers can conduct extensive background checks on thousands of businesses in China. In the company background check, they verify business by checking the details from fundamental things such as business name, industry type, registered address to information like registration time, capital, legal representatives, credit code, operation period, and many more details.

Business  Investment

Share Holders information

If you can get to know about the people or firms who invested in a company, you can get the right amount of ideas about the financial stability and future of the business. In this check, you can get to know the people who are holding the share and the ratio and number of their holdings in the company.

Foreign Investment

In many of the companies, we can see the foreign direct investment or through acquiring the shares of the company. A TPI can help you to get this information in detail.

Company History

In this check, a TPI will gather information such as financial history, its investment in other companies, if any, its core team and business events occurred to date. Apart from these, it also analyses the competitive products available in the market.

Risk factors

Whenever dealing with anyone, just looking at the financial status is not enough. Analyzing and verifying the risk factors is one of the crucial things to do. Under risk factor, you can able to gather information like dishonest acts, lawsuits against the company, court summons, target of enforcement details. It also helps you to get the details of severe violation of laws, abnormal operation of the company’s outstanding tax notice, etc. You also get other details such as equity pledged, chattel mortgage, stock freezes, and liquidation details.

Intellectual Properties Check

While TPI help to verify business, they do background checks on the intellectual properties a business owns. It also checks the IP status, copyright Software’s, copyright products they hold. It also provides information about the state of the IPs.

Other Information

Adding to the background checks mentioned above, it also verifies the following details.

1. Information of company’s legal representatives

2. The ownership control path of the business

3. Operational information

4. Annual report information – it includes the necessary information plus the number of employees, whether they have an online store and other details.

5. Details of the online store information and website details.

6. It also provides you the information such as shareholder name and their portion of shares subscribed.

So, you understand the number of background checks providers offer. It assists to verify business in China and most parts of Asia.

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