Dayanna Volitich Shares Her View on Traveling with Family

Traveling is always fun and exciting, but when you are with your family, it becomes a different ball game altogether. Of course, it still remains exciting and fun but there’s the added worry of making things comfortable for everyone. Certain considerations thus need to be made as rightly pointed out by travel enthusiasts like Dayanna Volitich, so that the going is smooth.

  1. Start off by deciding to travel to a place that is children friendly. Kids love the outdoors, hence looking for some place that gives provisions for the same keeps your children engaged, leaving you alone for some ‘me time.’
  1. Get the contact numbers of local hospitals and police stations, as a precautionary measure. You never know what you are going to be faced with, hence being prepared is always good.
  1. Avoid over packing – a tendency with most people Traveling with families is to pack the things children regularly use at home. Your intention is to travel to some place, let the children enjoy the things available there. Moreover, this adds weight to your baggage and makes it even more difficult for you to travel; you will already have to face the tantrums of the kids on the journey. So travel light, it keeps a lot of tensions at bay; take only as much is essential, things (for eg. medicines) that you may doubt of finding in the new place.

  1. Pre-book all that you can – hotel rooms, private or public transport for Traveling to local places when you reach the destination, site seeing tours, tickets to amusement parks, museums, and tour guides. This saves you confusions, for with kids around it is troublesome to get things arranged.
  1. As travel exponents like Dayanna Volitich further feels that giving the children a little introduction to the destination, so that they can have a rough picture in their minds of what they are up for . This makes them to comfortable and enthusiastic; you will definitely not want jittery, uncomfortable and thereby unhappy children when Traveling to distant place. The best part of this is they will ask fewer questions during the journey, which surely makes things a lot easier.
  1. Kids get really irritable when hungry, to avoid this discomfort for the kids, carry as much as snacks as you can, as the meal times may get extended. You could get caught up in heavy traffic while reaching the hotel, the flight could be delayed or your child may not enjoy the food served at the hotel. They end up eating very little and get hungry very quickly; handling a hungry child can be a rather daunting task.
  1. Instructing the kids, before Traveling has to be on your priority list. The uncertainty of the unknown looms large when it comes to taking a journey with kids; this is why they need to be given a pep talk on what they ought to do, if they get lost. Keep the police station phone numbers handy for them in case they encounter any unpleasant situation.

With these things checked on your list, you’re sure to have the best travel with your family.

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