Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Your Ultimate Weigh Loss Supplement

Can you lose weight taking apple cider vinegar?

Losing weight is always a challenge to most people. Some try dieting and exercise but do not get the results they want. But do you know apple cider vinegar can aid you to lose weight? This liquid is obtained by squeezing apples then fermented to form acetic acid. You can then add this vinegar with your diet to experience the best weight loss results that you wish for.

What are apple cedar vinegar pills?

Apple cider vinegar pills are tablet form of concentrated apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is obtained after fermenting apple juice to obtain acetic acid. Usually, the apple cider is fermented to form alcohol. The alcohol is left to ferment further and turn into acetic acid. This vinegar is one of the most common types of vinegar and is regarded as a natural health cure. Apple cider vinegar has an unpleasant taste and smell which comes from the acetic acid. This is the reason most people prefer taking apple cider vinegar pills. Also, different ingredients may be added to these pills to aid metabolism and further promote weight loss making it the best weight loss supplement. In most cases, an apple cider vinegar pill contains about 500mg of vinegar. This, however, may change from one brand to another.

Can apple cider vinegar help with weight loss?

According to Carol Johnston, Ph.D., R.D., associate director of the nutrition program at Arizona State University and a researcher on weight loss, the acetic acid found in vinegar can help lose weight. This is because it activates metabolism and breaks down fats for the body to use as a source of energy. This, therefore, shows that the presence of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar pills can help in weight loss. Further research has been done on how vinegar can contribute to weight loss, most of which has been on animals like mice. One such study involved obese rats who were found to lose body fat after the addition of vinegar to their food.

There have also been few studies conducted on humans to find out whether apple cider contributes to weight loss. One of the most-cited study was done in 2009 where a group of 175 obese Japenese aged between 25 and 60 was divided into three groups.

For a period of 3 months, the first group had to take a beverage containing one tablespoon of vinegar, the second group consumed a beverage containing 2 tablespoons while the last group contained none. After the research, the two groups that consumed vinegar showed a reduction in body mass index and an average body weight compared to the group that did not consume any vinegar. Claire Martin who is a registered dietician in Oakland, California says that apple cider vinegar can help in weight loss if people are able to transform their diet and lifestyle. According to Martin, most users do not get the results of this useful tool because they do not make appropriate changes in their eating habits and they do not do physical practice.

Uses and benefits of apple cedar vinegar pills

Other than being the best weight loss supplement, apple cider vinegar pills have been known to provide many benefits to the body. Below are some of the benefits;

Feeling full

Taking vinegar can help give you a feeling of fullness hence helping in weight loss. This is according to research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005. The study involved twelve people who were split into various groups. Each group was given vinegar with different amount of acetic acid after eating a bread meal, with one group taking bread without vinegar. The findings showed that groups that received vinegar with the highest dose of acetic acid felt full for a longer time after the meal. According to the authors, the satiety was attributed to the reduction in blood sugar levels.


Lowers cholesterol

Vinegar is known to contribute to heart health. A study done in the Annals of Cardiology and Angiology showed that vinegar could help in reducing cholesterol in rats. In the study, one group of rats were fed with a diet containing cholesterol and vinegar while another group the rats were fed with cholesterol alone. After a period of 28 days, the rats fed with vinegar had lower cholesterol level compared to the those without vinegar. Even though no research has been conducted on humans, it is thought the same effects could be obtained if humans consume vinegar.

Lower blood pressure

You can also consume vinegar to lower blood pressure. A study conducted on rats indicated that vinegar could reduce blood pressure in rats that suffered from hypertension.

Regulates blood sugar

Apple cider vinegar pills can help control blood sugar. The presence of acetic acid in these stimulants slows the breaking down of starch which can help people suffering from type two diabetes. It is however recommended to seek the doctors advise before taking vinegar to lower blood sugar.

Recommended dosage of apple cedar vinegar for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar pills can be the best weight loss supplements if used in the right dosage. Every brand of ACV pills has a recommended dosage depending on the concentration of acetic acid in the tablets. Ensure you check on the packaging to know the right dosage for the tablet you purchase.

There is no standard dosage of apple cider vinegar pills due to the minimal research conducted on the tablets. You can, however, take a dosage of two capsules daily with each pill containing 285 mg of apple cider vinegar.

Tips when using apple cider vinegar

  • If you are using medicine, it is essential to consult your doctor for any possible side effects.
  • Ensure you do not exceed the recommended dosage as it may result in harmful effects. You should take a maximum of 30ml of vinegar in a day.
  • Take apple cider vinegar pills immediately after or before meals for best results. You should avoid skipping meals after taking the pills as it can only make you eat more food during the next meal.
  • Always ensure you drink lots of water after taking the pills. Proper hydration during the day will help your body flush excess toxins.

Side effects of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar pills have no known side effect. It is however thought that these supplements could have similar side effects to the ones of liquid vinegar. These include; stomach upsets, low potassium and throat irritation. These side effects are because of the acidity of the vinegar.

Bottom line

Research has shown encouraging signs that apple cider vinegar pills are among the best weight loss supplements. You should try these supplements in order to enjoy its main benefits. It is advisable to check your eating habits and do regular exercise alongside using this pills. This way you get the best results.

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