The types and its functions of medical imaging

The Medical Imaging

It is the use of imaging procedures and the processes to gain pictures of the human body. It helps to identify and to treat patients. In Melbourne radiology, can also handle any issues and also help with the treatment plans. There are different kinds of medical imaging methods. It can be used by different technologies to make images for distinct purposes. It will give you the most common techniques.

A CT Scanner

It is a computerized tomography scan. This is sometimes called a CT scan. It makes a very thorough picture of the inside of the human body by using x rays and computers. This is way different from an x-ray. It is because it involves the cross-sectional image of the body. It is also the same as an MRI. It makes them better at looking at any soft tissue and other small parts. That the image cannot pick up.

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It can be used to see bones, blood vessels, and internal organs. The upper body like the neck, brain, spine, sinuses, and chest are usually scanned.

It is sometimes used to detect patients looking for tumors, and broken bones. It is also used to become more particular after another scan. The important use of CT scanners is you can watch them. Having those regular scans. It will allow you to check your development conditions such as cancer.

What is its function?

The patient needs to lie on their back on the panel. This will go through the scanner that changes around the section of your body. The patient needs to stay still so the scan will capture a clear image of it. The radiologist is the one operating on the machine which is in the other room to stay away from radiation. They can also communicate with you by using its intercom. It will take about 10 to 20 minutes. You will get the results right away once the computer has reviewed the scans.

MRI Scanners

MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging scan. It is the most accurate cross-sectional image of the body. It is the same as a CT scan but it has a higher quality. It is quicker to see tissues. It is sometimes used to have images of the brain, bones, heart, spinal cord, and internal organs.

Its uses are the same as those of CT scanners. Its recognition is more detailed to treat and track the progressing treatment.

What is the function of MRI scanners?

Contrary to a CT scanner the MRI wraps the whole body. The patient is inside a thin tube about 24 inches in diameter. It has very strong magnets and the radio waves make detailed images. It is also the same as a CT scanner. The radiographer is in the other room looking for the results. It communicated through the intercom. The sound of the MRI is louder than the CT scanner. The procedure takes about 15 to 90 minutes.

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