Why Should Cold Pressed Juices Be a Part of Your Daily Breakfast?

A healthy outside starts from the inside. Consuming fresh and nutritious food can keep you healthy in the long run. A healthy breakfast can keep you active throughout the day no matter how much work you have got to do. Juices have been a part of everyday breakfast since long. From drinking just, orange juice for breakfast to drinking vegetable juices, the breakfast juice routine has evolved over the years. Improvisation of the quality and nutrients of the juice has always been the primary goal of this evolution. From using a normal mixer to making use of a special juicer machine, the art of juice making has been tested and tried in many ways.

The most advanced method of juice making is cold-pressing. Cold pressed juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables by crushing them under a hydraulic press. The health benefits of cold-pressed juice are way more in number than other juice making techniques. If you consume fruit or vegetable juice every day, cold-pressing is the best and healthiest way of making fresh juice. If you are not aware of the amazing benefits of cold-pressed juice, here’s why you should have cold pressed juices as a part of your daily breakfast:

  1. Fresh and Organic

Due to your hectic schedule and lifestyle, most of the people depend on packaged juices available in the market. Packaged products are stored for a long time using preservatives. Cold-pressed juice, however, can be made easily at home using cold press juicers. They can be made with fresh and organic fruits to get organic juice.

  1. Lasts Longer Than Normal Juice

Juices made using mixers and other normal juice makers do not last for a long period. At the most, they last for one or two days, whereas cold-pressed juice can be stored for 4 to 5 days. After 4 to 5 days, the juice starts aerating because of the healthy bacteria present in the juice, making it not suitable to drink.

  1. Cold-Pressed Juices Are More Nutritious

When fruits and vegetables are blended using centrifugal juicer, the essential nutrients in the juice are lost because of the blending action. In the case of a cold-pressed juicer machine, the juice is extracted through a hydraulic press that retains all the nutrients present in the fruit or vegetable.

  1. Excellent Way to Detox 

Cold pressed juice is an excellent detoxing agent. It clears all the toxins from your body to reset your systems. Cold-pressed juice takes off the acidity from your body to make you feel full and lose weight.

These are a few of the excellent benefits of drinking cold-pressed juice daily with your breakfast. There are many cold-pressed juicers available on the market that can extract juice from fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently. In case you want to burn more calories and feel less hungry, drinking cold-pressed juice is the best option. It is an efficient way to lose weight. If you do not have a cold-press juicer machine at your home, this is the right time to get one.

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