Who is Michael The Archangel in Bible?

            Have you ever wanted to perceive the entire Bible for yourself? Or to educate the Bible to your children? A lot of Christians aim to have this understanding. Yet, for whatever reason, it can be too enormous to read the ready Bible entirely. It is also perfect for teens to learn all about the Bible on their own. Or for parents in teaching the Bible to their children.

If you read a Bible, then maybe you already encounter the word archangel. If you’re wondering who is Archangel Michael, below are some details.

Who is Archangel Michael? 

            Michael is well known as God’s “Archangel” meaning “Chief Angel”. Scripture often indicates to the Archangel Michael as a “Chief Prince” of the heavenly. This angel will play a main part in the end-time events. He will guide a multitude of angels in a victorious war over Satan and his demons in Revelation 12. Michael is not purely one of the angels but the head of a battalion of angels. With their ultimate leader who is God.

Michael the archangel, order God’s army against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation. Archangel Michael defeats Satan during the war in heaven. Right after the battle, Satan is send forth with the fallen angels. They named the devil, a serpent. Pursues their efforts to “lead the whole world astray”.

Archangel Michael in End Times

The Archangel Michael will take part in an important part in end-times events. In (Daniel 12:1) it is stated that “Michael, the great prince, the defender of your people, will arise”. He perhaps the angel of whom Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 4:16.  Will go down from heaven and the dead in Christ will rise first”. In Revelation 12, This angel leads a host of angels in the triumphant war over Satan and His demons. Apostles of Christ would recognize the military hierarchy illustrate by the Roman System. Where Caesar was in order and the senate work as an “advisory body to Rome’s magistrates”. Top military officers consisting of Roman citizens were drawn from the senate.

An angelic hierarchy would have made sense to the audience during the time of  Christ. That is why artists have often portrayed Michael as a warrior. Michael is portrayed as the warrior helping the children of Israel. He is known as the angels’ “great captain”. There’s a lot of illustration to Michael the archangel. The assistant of the church’s military. In contrast, the unbeliever and the Devil’s ambush. Many representations of Michael in the art that signifies his character as a warrior”.

There truly are angels. Angels who work for God are “mighty ones”,  (Psalm 103:20). Utilizing His authority and the power He provided them to fight Satan.  They act in support of God’s people as per God’s command. This should make a sense of wonder, that there are angels around doing God’s will. Which are invisible to humans and no one can see them. You can read and check more details at this website http://www.tbom.org/.

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