What’s Likely To Happen when Caught Driving under Influence

After several alcohol bottles, you should give out the car keys rather than risking your career, finances, and future. Driving when intoxicated is strongly outlawed and will most likely lead you to a whole lot of problems.  If you are caught driving when intoxicated, you are going to suffer a big blow in your finances and career.  If you happen to be caught up in drunken driving offenses, so many things will happen, hiring drink driving solicitors being one of the things you must do.

Arrested and Taken to Cells

When law enforcers catch you on the wheel while intoxicated, they won’t spare you. They may not handcuff you but they will surely take you together with the car to jail. The jail term may last long enough until you sober up or you are bailed out by a friend or family.  In the event of a conviction, your license may end up being suspended and your car confiscated for some time.

Hire a Good Lawyer

If you are lucky to be bailed or released hours after you are arrested and charged, you wouldn’t just relax and watch as things unfold before your eyes. You need to take the right steps in the right direction. One of such steps will be to hire experienced and professional drink driving solicitors. You want someone with some strong legal background to stand and fight for you during the court hearing.   The solicitors will work things out to prove your innocence. If they can’t prove your innocence, they will make sure the judgment favors you in that you aren’t jailed for long or asked to pay extremely high fines.

Taken to Court     

It will not just end in the police cells. Once you are bailed, chances are you will be bombarded with police summons requesting you to appear before the court for hearing. During the court hearing, the jury will make the decision on whether you are guilty or not depending on the relevance of the evidence provided.  Once proven guilty, you may be penalized with hefty fines, several years of jail term, confiscation of your car, probation, or revoking of your driving license. The good news is when you have a legal professional representing you, the settlement will be favorable.

DUI convictions aren’t cleared from your records soon after you pay the fines or finish your jail term. They normally stay on your records for years. They will usually have serious effects on your employment, future life, and financial stability. You are likely going to be asked to pay more on your insurance policies and your driving privileges will be limited.  The best driving drinking solicitors will greatly help during such instances. Unfortunately, in most instances, it will be impossible for them to help clear the bad records. So, don’t risk your future by driving when you are totally intoxicated.

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