What is the Meaning of Naturopathy?

Confusion in science and faith in everything that is natural, almost always goes together says a naturopathic doctor in toronto. Research has also shown that those who believe in various “natural combinations” believe in supernatural. They have greater chances of being religious, but also more likely to buy a whole suite of complementary and alternative practices / drugs.

Alternative Medicine

First of all, what does “natural” mean? We all know that this does not mean “healthy” or “safe.” What is that? Something that is not “synthetic”? Artificial are all chemical ingredients and chemicals modified?

This dichotomy between “natural” and “synthetic” is false. “Natural” is as meaningless as “synthetic” when it comes to product safety or efficiency. The only standard that should be valid is whether the product is safe and whether its application provides what is written on the declaration.

Naturopaths call their treatment methods “natural medicine”, and approaches are based on “the innate capacity of the body to achieve optimal health,” inviting people not to underestimate the power of nature.

Naturopaths claim that the disease is only the efforts of the body to get rid of toxins. By their methods, they stimulate the natural healing processes in the body by increasing the release of waste products.

They often use the term “life force”.
They apply treatments to people of all ages with various health problems, and they include advice in the field of nutrition, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture.

Scientific research has identified measurable agents and specific methods of preventing and / or treating hundreds of health problems. All the naturopathy theories offer is in conflict with knowledge of physiology and pathology. E.g:

1. “The state”, “vitality” and “harmony with the body” are holistic concepts. These concepts are unclear, they can not be measured objectively and scientifically tested.

2. Naturopate precise medical treatments are considered less important than “maintaining body balance”.

3. Whether an infectious disease depends on the degree of exposure to pathogens, virulence, body’s ability to resist infection, a person should not be “toxic” or “unbalanced” to get sick.

4. Some diseases are an inevitable result of a genetic predisposition. Others have little to do with hereditary factors.

5. The general concept of the treatment of the disease – the strengthening of immunity – is groundless and is in conflict with the fact that in some cases, such as allergies or autoimmune diseases, the immune system is hyperactive.

6. Naturopaths claim that “natural methods” can be used to cure cancer by strengthening the immune system.
The hypothesis that the immune system fights cancer cells in a similar way to fighting infections was developed in the fifties of the last century. However, subsequent studies have shown that the relationships between cancer and the immune system are complex. The chance that a diet, plant, or other “alternative” approach will solve the problem of cancer by increasing immune control, should be equated with zero.

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