What Are the Best Ways to Store Men’s Designer Briefs So That They Last Long

Designer wear is expensive, and when you invest in them, it is obvious that you want them to last for a long time. Many men complain that despite spending a large number of designer briefs, the material starts to get out of shape with washing and storing. Experts in the field say the fault lies in its maintenance. Men should understand the simple fact that designer wear needs extra care and it does not cost you any money to do so. Now the question here is how?

Know how to fold men’s designer briefs

When you take care of men’s designer briefs, make sure you organize it well in the underwear drawer. Experts say you must keep a separate drawer for storing and keeping designer underwear. Do not mix it with regular wear. Storing designer underwear means you effectively are able to keep it for a long time and every time you take it out for wearing, it is fresh.

Ways to fold men’s brief and keep them organized

When you are folding your briefs, keep it face up on a surface that is flat. The brief should be placed in a such a way that the waistband is away from you. If there are wrinkles, smooth them out with your hands before you fold the brief.

How should you fold your brief underwear?

Once you have placed the brief underwear on a flat surface, the next step is to take the left side and fold it towards the center. Then take the right side and fold it towards the center. Smooth out any wrinkles in the process. The folds are quite like the way you fold business letters. Once you have completed the folds, the last step is to fold the crotch upwards to align it with the waistband. Once you have done this flip the briefs so that the waistband is facing you. Store it in the drawer in stacks.

Washing your designer brief

When you wish to wash your designer brief, ensure that you use good quality soap that is gentle on the fabric. The underwear should be washed as per the fabric you choose.

When it comes to the removal of stains, do not throw your underwear into the washer first. The stain needs to be addressed first. Spray some soap onto the stain and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes or so. Once you have allowed the soap to sit on the fabric, the dirt loosens up. Rub the underwear and then throw it into the washer. Select the gentle cycle for washing clothes. If the cycle is too harsh, you may land up damaging your underwear.

Therefore, when you are looking for tips to take care of mens designer briefs. Keep sufficient space in your drawer so that your briefs are fresh and do not get out of shape. When you are buying designer, underwear opts for the latest styles and patterns that are in vogue and comfortable for you to wear!

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