Ways to get past the bouncer

While fake ids may seem the best way, there are several other ways you can use to walk past your bouncer friend into the no-entry area. Some of these ways are just your average tricks while others rely on getting you through the back door.

In any case, don’t forget to carry your id with you for you never know when it may come in handy. On the slightest suspicion, bouncers are authorized to check your ids, so keep your fake ids ready.

1-    Join a group

If you try to enter solo, the chances of getting checked and scrutinized increase drastically. So try entering with a group of regular goers. This way, you will often be passed off as a part of them. It will give you a better chance of not being spotted or asked at all.

2-    Get help

If you have a helping hand, don’t hesitate to use it. Whether it is a friend, a colleague or just someone you know, ask them to come to escort you past the bouncer. That way you might not even be asked to show your id and you can enter neatly.


3-    Idgod

Getting a very genuinely looking fake id from idgod is a great idea. There are many amazing websites that generate fake ids and can be considered fake id god. The ids generated are sometimes so real, its hard to tell them apart. If you have an id, there is little you have to fear, including the bouncer.

4-    Be polite

While people mostly believe that bouncers can easily be fooled, most of the time, they just let people by even when they know your id is fake. So it is wise to be polite and patient with the bouncer to be on their good side. After all, their job is harder than yours.

5-    Slip in

This is probably the worst idea, but if there is a door to slip in, you can try that. Using this technique, if you do actually succeed, you won’t have to worry about id checks or any other check.

It is always a bad idea to get into fights with the bouncer or to get rude. Bouncers can reject your entry even if your id is genuine. So being considerate is your best choice. If you want to avoid any trouble, get a perfect fake id.

Websites that are considered fake Id gods can provide you with some of the best fake id’s. So get yourself a fake id and walk past your bouncer gracefully.

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