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Vacuum cleaners are essential as there are so many chores at hand for housewives, that it becomes super difficult for them to manage their cleaning duties as well. So if you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, Vacuum pal is the best store to look out for. This site is the home of the best vacuum cleaners. Most common types of vacuum available on Vacuumpal includes –

  • Standard Upright Vacuum cleaners – These are the most commonly used vacuum in the home and office use and are powerful vacuum cleaners in the market. But they are usually large and occupy more space. You can get a long list of accessories and also there are numerous settings available on the product for high-end cleaning. But choose the accessories that are going to be useful.
  • Robotic vacuums – Robots are the latest technology and their advent in the vacuum industry has led to a lot of advancements in the industry. These vacuums operate on their own without the need for human intervention. They can vacuum well under the furniture area or table with the help of their high-end sensors. But they are quite small and not suitable for very large spaces.
  • Canister vacuumsThis sitecom has a huge collection of canister vacuum cleaners also. These cleaners have a tank with a hose attachment to it and come with numerous accessories. Most of them have a brushed head and there is a motor which spins the brush at a good speed to clean up the debris on the carpet area. Separate attachments are available for hard floor cleaning. But it is considered heavy and some people may find it difficult to pull while cleaning.

Handheld vacuums or small vacuums–

These are very small and compact and are preferred for office cabins and small spaces. You can also use it in homes as a secondary vacuum cleaner for cleaning of corner areas or toys of your kids. It can also be used to vacuum small areas of the car. As the name suggests they are small and easy to carry.

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