Using a VPN in Greece  

VPNs are becoming increasingly useful. Cybercrimes are on the rise and websites, governments, and ISPs are upgrading their security protocols to block unwanted users. Everything on the internet can be accessed if you use the proper VPN.

What is a VPN 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your real identity when using the internet. The internet is a public network that anyone can access. This is very useful, but anyone can see who is on the public network and trace where they come from. Your private information can be accessed, you can be blocked from certain online content, or your data can be stolen. These are all the risks of using the internet with properly protecting yourself with a VPN.

VPNs have been around for a while but they are becoming more popular as people are becoming more concerned about their internet security. These applications protect our online identity by hiding them behind a virtual wall. This wall can be changed depending on the server you want to connect to.

If you are living in Greece and want to access your favorite show overseas, you just need to connect to the country of your choosing; and if you want to access Greek television (ελληνικήτηλεόραση), all you have to do is connect to a greek server. This way, people (and online websites) will only be able to see the server of your choosing. They won’t be able to block you from viewing online content just because you aren’t physically located in a certain country.

Choosing a VPN 

A VPN can be used to access Greek channels abroad (ελληνικα καναλια στοεξωτερικο) but only if you choose the right one. There are many VPNs available on the internet today, but not all of them work the same. It can be easy to fall for the flashy websites of some VPNs, but make sure you get one that works for you.


A good VPN should have a lot of servers to connect to so that if the server doesn’t work, you always have a few other options. These servers should be located in Greece and other countries you want to connect to. It all depends on the country in which your favorite online content is located.

Even though it’s important that there are enough servers, you want to make sure your VPN is secure. The number of online cybercrimes is growing by the day and online identity theft is one of the most rampant crimes. If you’re worried about your private information being stolen, you need to choose the right VPN. A killswitch is one of the simplest ways that your VPN can protect you from any breaches in security. As soon as you lose connection to your VPN, your internet connection will be terminated, preventing anyone from accessing your information – even just for a moment. Some VPNs also log and sell your private information which is one of the growing ways in which online websites make money from traffic. Be careful about who you give your private information to because even VPNs can be trying to spy on you.

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