Things that you need to prepare in breastfeeding your baby

When you are busy making a list of all the baby items for making your baby comfortable. You need to prepare different sets of clothing and accessories for each season.  When you’re a first-time mom you can make a baby inkless print kit. So you will remember everything that happens in your baby’s life. You also need to prepare the basic products that you need after the baby is born.


After the baby is born you need to breastfeed your baby to prepare yourself. You need these baby feeding essentials.

Nursing clothes

For first-time mothers, you need to have clothes that are in light fabrics and nursing covers. As it will be very useful when breastfeeding. You also need to choose high-quality nursing bras, tops, and nightwear. It could have buttons or lose which one you are comfortable with so you can easily breastfeed your baby. Using dark clothes will help to cover the stains of the breast milk. You can also use nipple shields or breast pads to absorb milk that will leak when you’re breastfeeding. You will also need to use a nipple cream for the protection of your skin.

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Breast pumps

It has different kinds of breast pumps that are available in the market. It will depend on what you are comfortable using. You will also get other accessories when you buy breast pumps such as clips, bottles, bags, and labels. All this will be handy while you are pumping the breast milk.


It doesn’t matter whether you are feeding your baby through a bottle or breastfeeding. You will be sterilizing the bottles, pacifiers, and teats until the baby turns 1 year old. You will clean it through the boiling hot water but sometimes you don’t have the time for it. There is an electric sterilizer that can be handy for you.


When you decide to bottle feed your baby. You will need to add to your list the feeding essentials. You better buy a formula that your pediatrician recommended. You can just buy one tin to see what the baby’s reaction is.

Feeding bottle

The feeding bottle has different types that you can use. The materials that you can use are plastic, silicone, and glass. You can have the material that is perfect for your baby. The anti-colic nipples on the bottles are also good for babies. Make sure that you’re buying a BPA-free feeding bottle. As they have a high-quality material that can sustain high temperatures.

Cleaning bottle brush

It is also important that you remove all the leftovers from the bottle after you feed the baby. The bottle sterilizer that you have has a cleaning brush to have proper hygiene for your baby.

Bibs and muslin cloths

When you’re feeding the baby through a bottle or breastfeeding. You better put a bib on your baby to avoid any mess. The muslin cloths are good for absorbing the spills and drooling. It also makes your clothes clean while breastfeeding your baby. You can also use a pillow to have a comfortable position while breastfeeding.

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