The entry of Christ into North Korea

How will Christ change North Korea through Shinchonji when he comes with his people? If this happens before His mighty Second Coming, He will enter with the power of His own unity, not with human organizations.

Suggestions of Paul, Ephesians. 1: 2,3: The true Church is the body of Jesus. It is not just a group of believers who belong to you. The Church IS Him! 4: 3. What are we doing? Maintain unity (which already exists) in the bonds of the world. It recognizes what is already there and flows into it. 4:13. The unity of faith may not exist later, but the essential unity exists now. Denominations formed. A sectarian spirit emerged. Personality cults emerged. But Christ was alone. And yet.


Why “separation” today? People are divided for various reasons.

  • Some are divided because they never belonged to Christ. “They came from us, but not from us.”
  • Some believe they are the best. A dangerous idea But sometimes it’s true.
  • Simple differences of opinion. For example, Paul and Barnabas. But Christ was not divided during this incident. Modern ecumenists pleaded with Paul and Barnabas to stay together at all costs. “Together” is not unity in the Spirit. God had other plans for both of them. We cannot understand everyone’s motives and it is not necessary. The unit continues despite everything. There is only one body filled with only one spirit, as in the beginning!
  • Our options today, when we are considering moving to North Korea, when something changes there (we’ll be praying soon!):
  • declare to all denominations: “Get Together!” and we will win. But there is a lot of falsehood in a large group. This has always been the case since the days when Roman emperors forced people to join the “Church”. You cannot force anyone to enter the Corps. Most of the pagans who came did this to save their lives.
  • Seek God for the born again in the crowd that will try to squeeze Him. Then he will give discernment to those who wait for the Gospel within. God’s sheep will hear his voice. There will always be false Christians and cultists who will compete for the truth. The answer is not to join with those who grieve the Spirit, but to preach the truth and allow God to call his own.

The limits of the true Church of Jesus remain invisible to human eyes, but highly visible to Christ and those who know him. And consider:

If Christ does not enter North Korea before His second coming, how good will it be? Will Jesus carefully gather all those who bear the name “Christians” and make them little kings throughout the earth? Is this the image you see? The Bible says that he will come in anger and judgment, completely destroying all his enemies. Only the true Body of Christ will remain to judge the earth with Jesus.

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