Starting An Ice Cream Shop: A Guide For Basic Supplies

People of all ages love a good scoop of their favorite flavors. Contrary to the old belief, ice cream contains plenty of vitamins and provides lots of energy. It is rich in fats, protein, and carbohydrates. It comes as no surprise then that many people decide to choose an ice cream shop for business. There are several things to consider before starting this business. One of the most crucial is knowing which ice cream shop supplies and equipment to get.


You need the proper equipment for producing ice cream. Batch freezers and soft-serve machines are the most common for small to medium-scale.

Batch freezer

This equipment produces batch after batch of ice cream. It can also make gelato, sorbet, custard, frozen yogurt, and other frozen desserts. This machine produces each huge batch in around 8 to 10 minutes. Batch freezers often have alarms to let you know that the product is ready. Their capacities are usually measured in quarts. Small units can produce 3 quarts while bigger units can make up to more than 40 quarts. Most small to medium ice cream stores use a 24-quart batch freezer.

Soft-serve machine

This specialized equipment adds more amount of air to the ice cream mix. Maintaining it at higher temperature results in a lighter consistency and softer texture. There are floor and countertop soft-serve machines. Most units can hold up to two flavors and twist-serving units can mix these flavors into a twirl. A single-flavor soft-serve unit produces 3.5 gallons per hour and that is good for a hundred orders. Twist units can hold up to 15 gallons per flavor. There are also 50-gallon units available for a larger production.

Starting An Ice Cream Shop

Hardening and storage

Ice cream is perishable. It is vital to keep the product at the ideal temperature to preserve its quality.

Hardening cabinets

There are several ways to preserve the best possible state and quality of ice cream. A hardening cabinet freezes the cream to -30 or -40 degrees Fahrenheit in 4 to 10 hours. Large ice crystals can ruin the taste and texture of ice cream. A hardening cabinet can rapid-freeze ice cream to prevent these crystals from forming. It comes in single, double, or quad-door and can accommodate more than 40 3-gallon tubs.

Walk-in freezers

Some walk-in freezers are available in two different temperatures. It allows the storage of items that need separate levels of coldness together. Pre-assembled units are easy to use with their plug-and-play feature. There are also customized units available but these need professional installation.

Aside from the equipment above, it is also essential to have ice cream pans and containers. To go containers let customers have their ice cream while on the go. These offer convenience for those who want a quick dessert and have no time to sit down for a snack.

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