Pregnancy and the history of nerve problems

With pregnancy looming around the corner, the body undergoes a lot of changes.  It has to state that the sciatic nerve could lead to a lot of pain during pregnancy. Neurological disorders in pregnancy medicine are common and the only way to treat them is with patience and rest. Women who experience this form of pain during pregnancy tend to feel the same symptoms. It would mean pricks appearing on the foot or the legs

More know how about a sciatic nerve?

It is a nerve that stretches from the lower back to your feet. It has to be stated that this nerve is sensitive to pressure that can cause a sense of pain and discomfort. The pain that emerges out of pregnancy is not a permanent one and this is until an injury was there long before a lady become pregnant. During the course of pregnancy this nerve becomes a tinge inflamed. It is stated that the main reason for inflammation emerging is that pressure is being put on the nerves by the growing belly. The swelling of the body can lead to water retention and this adds to the discomfort of the sciatic nerve.

The chances of a woman facing a damage of the disc are also on the higher side during pregnancy. The main reason for it is altering the hormone balance in the body. The levels of progesterone tend to grow in the body which is going to relax your muscles for child birth preparation. It is the position where the disc of your spine shifts along with the sciatica pain during pregnancy.

Some of the common symptoms experienced by woman who encounter this form of pain are as follows

  • Prick pains that appear in your lower back and then proceeds to the legs
  • Pain sometimes emerges through the legs
  • Feet or numbness in the feet or legs

Prevention and treatment of sciatic pain

It has to be considered that this form of pain is unique and normally pressure is being put in a specific spot to trigger the form of pain. Because of this, the chances are that the pain could stop on its own as well. If this form of pain is experienced during the course of pregnancy, moms would need to relieve themselves during the day and find proper sleep at night.  Medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy is there that would help you to overcome this situation in an easy manner.

There is nothing to do in terms of prevention. The pain tends to so sudden, that the exact cause of it is still a mystery. The best choice for a pregnant woman would be to treat this condition. It all boils down to get rid of the pressure that went on to cause the pain. Some women may seek the help of doctors or undertake some form of exercise as well. It is indeed important for pregnant women to seek the advice of a doctor before they plan for any course of treatment.

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