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LC Lawyer LLP- Finance Law Firm

Are you looking for financial help from professionals in Hong Kong? Then you must have a look at LC Lawyers LLP. It is an independent corporate finance law firm in Hong Kong. They are in association with Chen and Co. Law Firm. They provide legal services to financial institutions, corporate clients, and private enterprises. They will also assist with traditional technologies with innovative technology-driven services. They are highly professional in providing services in mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, privatizations, corporate restructuring, corporate finance, HK IPOs, capital markets, legal, due diligence, fund formation, family trusts, and many more. You can completely trust them with their financial help as they are a licensed Hong Kong law firm registered with the Law Society of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Initial Public Offerings

LC Lawyers LLP has high experience in the finance department. Their hong kong initial public offerings (IPOs) cover all the stages of IPO.

  • They give importance to advise on the suitability of listing.
  • LC Lawyers also facilitate pre-IPO investments.
  • They provide necessary assistance in pre-IPO strategic corporate reorganizations.
  • They will help you in setting up a family trust.
  • They design share incentive schemes and facilitate all the legal, due diligence.
  • They will also assist in preparing the listing documents.
  • They will resolve the concerns that you may have by liaising with the Exchange.

They work the law firms in the global EY network, which helps them bring together legal professionals from different world corners. So, you can ensure to get a wide range of legal services with well-handled professionals.

Reverse takeover hong kong

Service to the Clients

Their goal as a finance law firm is to provide full-service offerings o their clients. Their Hong Kong Compliance Lawyers also advise their listed issues on various IPO issue. They also assist in complying with the Listing Rules, Takeover code, and other security laws like reverse takeover hong kong and privatization. Their Finance Lawyers also have a good knowledge of the debt market in Hong Kong. They assist their clients in navigating through the significant changes made to the regime and also identify risks and opportunities at the starting stage.

Mergers and Acquisitions for smooth transactions

Their lawyers understand their clients’ businesses and apply their in-depth knowledge to structure their mergers and acquisition transactions and address their needs. The natural process can be very complicated and tough to navigate the proper legal assistance. But LC Lawyers LLP provides comprehensive merger and acquisition services to various companies to ensure a smooth and trouble-free transaction. Their experience in this field has helped develop good knowledge in understanding their clients and serving them in their best interest. So, now you know where to go for financial help in Hong Kong.

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