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Coming to women, cosmetics are always one of the best and also a highly preferred thing in their daily routine. There are a lot more in those cosmetics too and one of such a thing is nail polish. There are different brands of nail polishes which are made available in this present modern world which comes in unique colors, shapes, and varieties. And people choose one accordingly based on their interest and preference. So here come the nail lamps for all those who love using UV gel nail polish. is offering people with the best nail lamps which come with high quality and much more facilities in it.

This company named nailbooth is tied up with SunUV which is an official company which offers one of the best UV and also LED nail lamps. Basically, these nail lamps are also known as nail dryers and here different types of nail dryers are made available which can be used not only for drying up the UV gel on the nail but also UV nail lamps which can be used either in salons according to the customer needs are made available here. This is one of the best places where quality UV and LED nail lamps are available as it holds a record of 4 million nail lamps being shipped every year. One of the important things about these lamps is that they are made available at a very less price as it will be affordable for everyone.

Specifications of the nail lamps:-

  • The size of this nail lamp is very small as it will be perfectly fitting into the pocket or in a handbag too. and so it very easy for people to carry it everytime and where ever they go.
  • The power consumed by this will be very less but yet it has a high capacity of voltage in it. The small nail lamps will be having a power of 12W in it and there are lamps which have 48W capacity too.
  • This UV and LED nail lamps can be used either by using the smartphone, laptop or a table too just by connecting it with a USB cable.
  • Coming to the gel which people use, these lamps are compatible and go perfectly with any kind of gel whether it is UV or LED.
  • People who love nail art can use these and can actually improve their artwork in every way possible.
  • This UV and LED nail lamps will be weighing very less as it can be approximately 60 gms which comes with a size of 13.1*6.7*1.9 cm.

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