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Immigrants from different parts of the world who are looking forward to move to Australia and work there and get settled need to apply and secure a skilled visa under the General Skilled Migration program and first they need to qualify for the GSM program. These are basically the point based visa and also temporary and permanent non-points based visas are available. However, if you want to apply for the point based visas to migrate to Australia from any part of the world then ensures to score higher points in the Australian Immigration Points Calculator to receive an invitation to lodge the visa application.

Australian’s department of Immigration and Border Protection or DIBP handles the point’s calculator system and if you want to know how many points you can score in Australian Migration Points Calculator then you need to know how many points you might get with the age, qualification, work experience and other factors that you have mentioned in your application. Below is the breakup of the factors and the points that are attached to these factors.


The very first thing that is evaluated by the Australian Immigration Points Calculator is the age factor and there are different points for which you can qualify based on your age. However, the basic requirement is that the applicants must be below the 50 years age to become eligible for the point calculator.

  • Age 45-49 – 0 Points
  • Age 40-44 – 15 Points
  • Age 33-39 – 25 Points
  • Age 18-24 – 25 Points

So, ensure that you fall between these age groups so as to qualify and score points in the Australian Migration Points Calculator.

English Proficiency

Well, it is necessary that every migrant to Australia need to know, write, and speak English language without which no visa is issued. So, the applicants need to provide certificate to prove that they have relevant knowledge and skills in English Language. The person can score points if they are fluent and proficient in the English Language

  • Competent – 0 Points
  • Proficient -10 Points
  • Superior – 20 Points

The English skills are assessed by using the International English Language Testing System or IELTS test. To mark your presence in the category of superior you need to score at least 8 points in the IELTS test.

Work Experience

If you are applying for skilled migration visa for Australia, then it is necessary that you have some work experience in the trade. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the trade in which you have skills is listed on the Skilled Occupation List of Australia or Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List. You will score points in points calculator for Australia based on the years of experience you have in the trade you are skilled.

Work Experience in Overseas:

  • 3 Years – 5 Points
  • Five Year – 10 Points
  • 8 Years – 15 Points

Work Experience in Australia

  • 1 year – 5 Years
  • 3 Years – 10 Points
  • 5 years – 15 Points
  • 8 years – 20 Points

There are also other factors that are evaluated by immigration to Australia points calculator and you need to check it accordingly.

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