How to start a dog teach roll over?

For teaching your dog the trick of roll over, you should get the grip of the basic grips. You should also know how to introduce this trick on your pet. Use the treats to keep the attention of your pet and further break down the command into various stages. This will help him in understanding the things that you are asking from him and if the need arises, then repeat it in the form of a chain command. When the matter involves training dogs, then you should have a concrete plan to provide guidance and direction for your pet and do not confuse him.

The time you will take to make your dog learn the commands are dependent on a lot of variables. Some dogs are smarter compared to others and therefore, they can pick up things quickly. It is also dependent on the way you work with them. You should adapt their requirements too. Whenever you teach a new command to your pet, you should have adequate treats at your hand and this will keep its attention intact. You do not require a specialist tool or equipment for working on this command; however, ensure to keep your pet in the right mindset. Log onto and know more about the method of roll over.

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Breaking down a command

When your pet learns to roll over and they are aware of the thing that you are asking for it then you can use the command roll over and the dog shall react to it willingly and execute it. Simply giving the command roll over might not always gives you the actual results. Thus, it is important to break down the various parts of this command into individual parts. This is called a chain command that comprises of different commands in succession. The stages into which the roll over command is divided are as follows:

  • Lie down
  • Lateral recumbence
  • Over
  • Up

Completing the stages

Teaching your pet a lie down command is very simple. If the dog is not aware of the command, you may teach it by using a treat. You should lower your hand towards the floor as this way the head of the dog shall follow your hand. When its head touch the floor, move the hand away so that the dog crouches down and lies down finally. You may use your hand and push him to the rear. If you want to gather more information, log onto

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