How to make extra money while in college?

As a student, there are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself busy. Usually, you will have more time at your disposal and wonder how to make fair use of it. Whatever you engage in should be very interesting; otherwise, you will lose your motivation. Below are collections of some simple things you can do to occupy your time.

Writing essay

Essay writing is a convenient activity any students can do. You can spend your free time writing essays for other students. You only need to decide whether you will work for custom writing service or operate as a freelancer. To perfect your skills and be thorough in this job type, you will need some training. Working for custom writing services may be advantageous. You will not struggle to look for clients. Such platforms already have clients who you can link and write for them.

You will also need to be diverse in your writing. Despite that, art is your area of study in college; you will meet essays from different fields. You may encounter writing in a different field such as business, strategic management, among other topics. To make good money from this type of activity, sharpen your research skills.

Graphic designing

Graphic design is a form of communication that uses the visual concept in passing information. A graphic designer may use images to persuade, educate, and inform a target group. To be a graphic designer, one needs creativity, which is a virtue most art students have.

Art students can improve their creativity through this type of work. Getting an opportunity as an art student may not be easy. Before you land your career job, make fair use of this type of work and grow your skills. It will help you use your time economically while studying.


With the emergence of smartphone technology, many people consider themselves qualified photographers. However, you can start your job as a professional photographer and earn it as you occupy your free time. Doing other work like writing, among others, may not be your favorite choice. However, your steady hands can make you earn as a photographer.

Different types of photography need divergent skills. You must learn and perfect the skills to produce quality photos for each category. For instance, you may be in scientific photography, portrait photography, or commercial photography. Either of the classes may need some level of expertise. Never assume that there is a direct category to adopt. As you commit yourself to photography as your part-time engagement, know that it takes hard work and commitment.

Support manager

Working as a support manager may not be an easy task; however, there are essential skills you can gain from this type of role. You will be making calls and directing people to different departments. At some point, you will need to offer services to the client. The job role will help you understand the skills you need in sharpening your interpersonal communication.


As you enjoy your free time as a student, understand that there is a lot you can do to occupy yourself and generate some cash. You can make fair use of the free time in one of the above simple jobs and earn a living as a student.

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