How to launch my online course App

Launching your own App can change the future of your online academy. If you are someone who is thinking of creating and selling online courses and launching your online app. Then don’t think much, because this decision can help you in doubling your revenue.

Launching an App can prove to be a game changer for your online academy. Apps are easy to use. They have easy sign ups and logouts. One-tap-sign-up lets your user get in using their existing Gmail account, Facebook login or Linkedin. It will also allow your users to give ratings and reviews to your course. Through that you will know if your users are liking your course content or not. It also provides multiple payment options like net banking, card payment, paypal and google pay e.t.c. for a seamless checkout.

You can sign up for a platform like Spayee. They can help you in launching your own App. You will not even have to worry about any bugs because their team will take care of everything related to your app. They also have multiple payment modes. It also allows you to receive payment through Indian Payment Gateways like Paytm, Razorpay e.t.c.

How to launch my online course App

1- Decide the type of software

You will have to decide the type of software that you would want to have. You have to decide whether it will be a desktop app, mobile app or something else or a combination of them.

2- Research on your competitors

Look for the type of apps in the similar niche. Research your competitors and optimize your app accordingly. Check all the features that they are providing. Choose the template that could be the best fit for your online academy.

3- Choose the Launch Platform

Decide if you want to have an android app or iOS app or a desktop app. Select the launch platform for your online academy app. Go for one or combination of them.

4- Build your team

Creating an app is not an easy task. If you are someone who is familiar with coding then you can create an app for yourself. But it will become very difficult for you to create the course content and manage the app on your own. If you want your work to go smooth. Then hire people who can create an app for you. You don’t have any option other than hiring specialists.

5- Create your course content

Create your course content that will be uploaded on your app. You should have created at least 75% of the course content before launching your app. After that you can keep on adding new topics and courses. Price them wisely and choose the appropriate delivery time for your course content.

6- Launch your App

Now you are ready to launch your app. And before launching it don’t forget to share the details of your app launch on your social media platforms. So that your potential learners can reach out to you easily.

Hiring a team can be a tough task for you and it is expensive too. So, If you don’t want to do all this on your own then you can choose a LMS platform like Spayee. They will help you in building your website and app. Apart from that if you face any kind of issues their team will be there to solve your queries and doubts.. And the best part is that they provide all these services at a very affordable price. So, I would highly recommend you to go for it without any second thought.

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