How to choose the best large digital Photo Frame that will fit your taste

The big digital picture frame shows a slideshow of photos or video played from a USB stick/SD/MMC card. Also, the display shows images and video in crisp HD, with a slideshow set in different intervals.

Nixplay 18.5 wifi cloud Digital Photo Frame

This could be the perfect gift for a loved one and to those special people in your life. Can easily send photos direct to the frame using email or iPhone or an android app. Also, it can create your personal photo playlists. As automatically it can access photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, and Picasa. Can upload the photos safe and securely display online cloud storage in the big digital picture frame. Manage and can sync up to 10 frames, 30 GB storage. HD video playback, watch photos and video in high definition with audio from USB or SD/ SDHC card. It can connect to the wifi easily and has a LED backlight display.

Micca Neo 15 Inch Digital Photo Frame

Includes 8 GB of storage, with a high-resolution LCD screen. Has vivid colors and exquisite detail of photos. The timer based is automatic off control based on a daily, or weekend schedule. It is also easy to use by the simple design, always ready to go right out of the box. Can connect to the wifi and easy to upload photos or a video. Regardless of the size of this frame, every photo converted in the frame. It has a high-resolution LCD.

big digital picture frame

Nix Advance 15 Inch Digital Frame

Has a clock/calendar function, stereo speakers and full one year warranty. With the 1024×768 LED-backlit display. That makes a photo become clearer and realistic.

SSA 21.5 Inch Big advertising player Digital photo Frames full Function support

This digital photo frame can store a 16 GB USB flash disk. Photos can be in a slideshow; motion sensor. The screen is automatically on when a sound or motion is detected. You can play a video here and music with their feature of built-in speakers and headphones. The LCD of this photo frame is latest and full HD 170-degree cover.

Aura Classic photo frame

This photo frame allows you to share photos using a mobile device. This digital photo frame does not have a USB port or a memory card but you can upload here unlimited photos. As it has a big internal storage yet clear photos. Stunning display, with the widescreen you can look all the details about the photo. This digital photo frame is a touch screen and can swipe it right or left if you want to see more photos. The features might be simple but it has the intelligent Photo curation. It is possible to function with the facial recognition software app of Aura apps. Can identify closet relationships and will share your photos automatic in the frame.

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