How to Build Online Communities to Sell Online Courses

Brands are fostering communities within their respective niche. Building a community around the product you are selling is probably the best way to make sure you stay known and recognised among your target market. If you are Create and sell online courses you can choose an LMS like Spayee where creating & nurturing your audience is easier.

What is an online community?

The online community is like a private space specifically for your online course’s audience. You can create two types of communities one exclusively for your paid audience & the ones consisting of your prospects.  Within an online community, a group of individuals would come together under one umbrella because of their common interests, opinions, and goals.

Depending on what you are planning about your online course funnel, you can create various private groups. This is to share learnings and transformation stories from the online course program. Alternatively, you could take it on the in-built discussion forum where your learners would gather to share resources and feedback.

Platform to build community

If you aim at building private community, here are a few platforms that could help you:

  • Whatsapp Group
  • Telegram Group
  • Facebook Group
  • Discord Server
  • Spayee’s in-built forum

Benefits of Building Community

Whatever your platform of choice, online communities are a great way to facilitate meaningful connections between your followers. They empower your audience to:

  • discuss topics that interest them
  • engage with a brand, online course instructor, or another community figure
  • learn together
  • collaborate on projects
  • share advice and related news

Sell Online Courses

Why build an online community?

Online communities are an amazing way to bring your existing learners & potential learners together in one place. Here, they can discuss all about the course content, apply their learnings, share their feedback, share their improvements & ask questions. Moreover, it helps you get a pulse check on what your audience is expecting out of your online course platform.

In the course-selling business, it’s all about sharing ideas, discussing strategies & get actionable feedback on our product.

It can help you do the following:

  • Establish yourself as a leader in your space. You have a fair chance at expanding your sphere of influence by growing your network and audience.
  • By creating brand ambassadors, you can increase referrals & word of mouth marketing of your online courses.
  • A private community for your audience brings in the constant inflow of feedback regarding your online course program. Having a regular dialogue helps you improve your courses & make them even better.
  • A community will help in increase in revenue. It will help you foster more engaged followers who have increased retention. It will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.
  • Digital communities would help you maintain touchpoints with your audience without getting to share a common physical space. Hence, in order to upsell or downsell, this community helps.
  • Online communities are a natural fit for online marketers. A lot of course creators on Spayee first started off with niche online communities. Then, they converted it into a power-packed online course.
  • Check more from the Wikipedia page.

Community To Sell Online Courses

Step 1: Find Your Target Market. Understand where they hang out. Get active on public platforms like Quora & Reddit. Attempt to build relationships with them while answering their questions and solving their problems.

Step 2: Doing the first step consistently will create your authority in your course topic. People would believe you to be an expert.

Step 3: The audience that you build over time on various platforms, begin to promote your online group details to them. Encourage them to join your free community. Give bonuses & giveaways.

Step 4: Add them in your private groups & begin to promote your online courses there. You can also use Spayee in this step.

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