How Can A Printed Bag Increase Your Average Footfall?

Getting people through the door of your store is never easy, but printed bags tailor-made for your business could be the hidden secret. With a number of benefits associated with this marketing tactic, this could be just what you need to increase your average footfall. Within this article, we are going to look at how a printed bag can help to increase your footfall with long-lasting results.


A printed bag is ideal for a business, not only do they help to showcase your brand in the best possible light, but it is also a form of free advertising by those caring the bag in the street. If your items are popular then the printed bag will become a well-known brand in the local highstreet or shopping mall. This advertising is beneficial particularly for a small business as they don’t have to pay for it, thus helping to boost the brand without spending excess money. This extra awareness will, therefore, help to boost footfall as a result.

Build Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is another benefit f a printed bag and this can also contribute to an increase in footfall. As your brand becomes more well known you are bound to see an increase in the number of people coming into the store. As this popularity continues to grow so to do the number of printed bags in circulation helping to boost your overall awareness as mentioned above. People that are loyal to the brand are more likely to carry the bag around, therefore giving you free advertising at every stage of the bags lifecycle.

Increased Popularity

Another benefit of printed bags is the benefit of positive word of mouth. If multiple people all speak highly of your product to a friend or a family member you are likely to reap the benefits of increased popularity. This can then increase the footfall you witness in store as there will be more and more people looking to view and purchase your products. This could then lead to brand evangelism and your brand becoming as well known as the likes of Nike and Adidas. Although this may take time to come into fruition, it is a beneficial marketing tactic to consider.

Increase Social Media Followers

Printed bags are also beneficial for showcasing social media links in one place thus helping to boost the number of followers that you receive. Even if someone has not shopped at your establishment before, they are still aware of your social media websites whether through seeing them on the printed bag or just being recommended your brand on a social media platform. This increase in follows will subsequently help to increase footfall as people will be interested in the products that you are selling. To capitalise on this, you could create an Instagram wall allowing those that visit the chance to share their experience on social media, thus repeating the cycle.

However, you decide to boost your brand it is important to think about the customer and the overall experience that they have with your store. By keeping every interaction as positive as possible you are then able to build the brand whilst ensuring customer loyalty making the investment far more beneficial.

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