Give Your Children an Early Years Education

The sooner you start educating your children, the better. Studies reveal that children who begin any type of education before their kindergarten years get more out of academics later in life. The early years in Bangkok are those years that set the foundation for later learning. Thus, it is called the Foundation State.

The EYFS Curriculum: What it Involves

The early years foundation stage, also known as EYFS, is a curriculum that is based on this framework in Great Britain. This EYFS curriculum provides an early years school in Bangkok with all the learning tools it needs to satisfy the needs of toddlers and children attending nursery school classes. Using this type of learning tool enables educators and parents to provide a link between home learning and a structured national curriculum that involves teaching children the basics from one year to five years of age.

Why an EYFS Education Is Revered in Bangkok

Initially introduced and founded in the UK, early years learning now receives international recognition. That is why it is well revered in schools in Bangkok. This type of learning program supports a child’s development so he or she can take on any academic or social challenge as he or she gets older. By taking this approach, you can be sure that your child’s academic and social needs are fully addressed.

The Emphasis Is Placed on the Individual Child

The EYFS framework is based on a number of principles and themes that recognize a child’s need to grow and develop individually. This play-based learning program creates a unique way to learn. Children play and explore the world around them so they can be more literate and attuned to nature and their individual environment.

The Right Learning Path to Take

With this type of learning program, a child can gain strength academically, socially, and physically through subjects such as expressive arts and design, mathematics, and literacy topics. In turn, the child will become more well versed and be able to better cope emotionally and intellectually. That is why you want to guide your child down this type of learning path in Bangkok. You will be glad that you did by the time that he or she reaches an age where he or she has to learn more intense subjects.

Each Child Is Unique in His or Her Approach to Learning

Children develop in relation to their environment and through interaction. The EYFS accounts for this type of development by giving a child a unique status when it comes to learning. Therefore, it guides children so they can participate in active learning activities that permit them to enhance their critical thinking skills and creativity. When a child learns in this manner, he or she can communicate more easily and physically develop so he or she can naturally get involved in sports.

Focusing on Specific Topics

Specific areas of the EYFS program are addressed, including literacy, understanding the world, expressive arts and design, and mathematics. All these subjects make a child well rounded and tuned into his or her educational environment. If you want the best educationally for your child, you need to follow an EYFS route.

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