Get Black Lives Matter Shirts – Is It A Superstition Or Tradition?

Even if in modern-day, people give importance to those who are whites and thing the blacks as inferior. The world has changed completely today what about the mindsets of people? This has not yet leaped. In earlier times, there were many superstitions out of which a few are still prevalent in today’s world. These the most important superstition is racism. Racism means differentiating people based on their skin color which is an illogical division.

Racism is exactly a way of behaving or thinking that you don’t like it respect people belonging to races that are different from your own and that you believe your race is better than others. Many struggles happened to eliminate racism in the nation. There are many black lives matter shirt available in the market which helps to spread awareness among the people that black lives matter.

Facts about racial discrimination

The racial discrimination act, 1975 was a landmark in Australian race relations.  It was a legislative expression of a new commitment to multiculturalism and it reflected the ratification by Australia of the International Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination. To mark the 40th anniversary of the Racial discrimination act, the Australian human rights commission developed resources aimed at raising awareness about the act and how it can be used to protect against racial discrimination and vilification.

How to eliminate racism

There are many days to day activities that need to be followed by everybody if you want to get rid of racial discrimination easily. Although the provision of racial discrimination is followed for ages there is no harm if you try to eliminate it. There steps to follow to eliminate racism are-

  • Understand you’re important- The most important thing that you should know before spreading awareness is that you should maintain your self-respect. Unless you maintain your respect nobody will respect you.
  • Try to educate people about the superstition- Once you are aware of the superstition, you should also intimate your friends and fellow beings to follow the same and try to eliminate racism from society. You can wear a black lives matter shirt to make people understand that every race has its importance.
  • You can also organize street plays- Once you think of preventing racism, you can spread awareness regarding the same through street plays- based on racial discrimination.


There are many wrong believes prevalent for ages, but what is the harm in trying. If you decide to change the mindset of people, you should be confident and try to do your best to change these kinds of wrong thoughts.

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