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As with many things out there, definition of “perfect” heater is totally dependent on your situations. If you want to heat up the big space over the long time frame, probably you must invest in the efficient and powerful heating appliances at The Good Guys – like flued gas heater that, whereas comparatively costly to install in a short-term, can be cheaper in a long run. And if you’re searching for the fast heat-ups in the confined space, to heat up your bedroom when you step away from the shower as well as are dressing for the work – electric heater with the fan-forced ability will be peachy.


You need to consider some factors like size of an area that you would like to heat or how it may get used. The open and plan space, for example, may need the heater with more grunt. Ditto in case you have plenty of big windows or no floor-boards. How is your insulation?

Power you need

Whenever selecting the heater, you must look for an amount of the kW output. Manufacturer may include the figure on spec sheets of every model out there.

Check out the Rule of Thumb:

1 kW output can heat around 9m2 of the tough-to-heat room

1 kW output can heat around 16m2 in the milder conditions

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Looking at the Star Ratings:

When you refer to Energy Star Ratings of the independent assessment of efficiency of the heater then you will come to know more stars that it has, greater will be its efficiency. There are many different safety features that you must be totally aware about.

First, you need to check for the built-in safety functions like cut-off switches (that can turn heater off when it is tipped over and overheats) or flame-resistant & splash-proof cases. You must search for the heater, which is stable physically and not very hot to touch, particularly if you have very small kids and pets. The units with the childproof controls also are accessible.

Functionality and Convenience:

Obviously the broad area & depending on the preferences or requirements, here are some salient details that we want to remember: More power levels accessible, merrier. The thermostat is good to have as it can allow you to adjust as well as maintain desired temperature with proper accuracy. The timer is pretty awesome as it will allow you turn this heater on and off automatically, for instance, before you are back from the work in evenings – thus you may come home to the nice and cosy warm place.


The electronic controls generally provide ease-of-use as well as best functionality. In the mean time, remote control device will always be very handy for you.

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