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Music, some consider it the best thing ever found & evolved by humanity, but music is present in the voice of nature. It is not only reserved for humankind as it bolsters a vivid & long lost history that holds uncountable melodies hidden within its shadow. It can drape you in rains of sorrow & pull you up to the pinnacle of pleasure in just two to three notes. And backing up that same music & promoting it with all the logistical & technical support it needs is done by platforms like the muso app.

Live music industry

Industrial music is supported by near to uncountable genres & live music is not one of them. Live music is music, but it has a league of its own in present times. When electronic devices dominate the field, live music upholds the tradition. While industrial music brightens your day, live music makes your evening delightful. Industrial music & live music is different in many aspects but share the same origin, melody, rhythm & emotions.

The live music industry has observed a steady growth since the last century & it gave us some of the greatest artists of all time. Still, due to the emergence of social & electronic connectivity, it sure has seen some time going down the graph. Here’s where platforms like the muso app take the stage. To preserve traditions that hold the soul of artists & the art form.

muso app

Current challenges faced by artists

The main factor that helps an artist grow & present him/herself to the world is recognition. Organizing a live event on personal resources can be considered a herculean task, if not impossible. For a budding, independent artist with limited resources, organizing his/her event is simply an unachievable goal until some financial success comes in its wake. So dealing with technology enables us to make the best of any situation.

Live gigs, making an audience, going out there & playing or singing your heart out with grace is an artist’s dream. To fulfill them, one can go to any lengths & endure any amount of pain. Likewise, helping deserving artists make a mark can be considered one’s gift to this beautiful industry.

Essence of music

Any great musician, singer, disk jockey, instrumentalist, or a rapper dreams of presenting his art to the world. This dream is what helps them to endure this struggle & full fill their destiny. It all can start with a small gig, an unexpected motivation, or by sheer endurance, skill & hard work. This dream is what will give you the best gifts of life, a melody that will become your heaven.

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