Different Things You can do with Virtual Number

Every business is after virtual number but do they really know what really it can do for them? Of course, before you own a virtual number, you should know what a virtual number and what it can do for your organization.

You can easily get Free virtual sms number once you are ready for it. The first step in this direction would be to know the meaning of virtual number and how you can use it.  Actually these virtual phone numbers tend to still be somewhat obscure, even though folks who are running a business generally have some idea of what they are. If you talk of the reality, there is not too much difference between a virtual phone number and that of a regular phone number, and in fact, it is quite helpful to think of a virtual number mainly as a regular number that actually happens to be hosted by some virtual service provider. Anyhow, following are things that you can do with your virtual number:

Make regular calls & receive calls

Even though a virtual number is not linked with a phone, you can make outbound calls from the existing phones, at the same time showing your virtual number on caller ID. Of course, it is possible if you avail it.

Folks can dial your virtual phone number to reach you in the way they do in any other phone number, and the experience is going to be exactly the same for the caller. The only difference that would be there is that, when the call comes in via your virtual number, it is then directly routed to your phones and starts to ring those phones. It is simple and effective, isn’t it?

Receive and send messages

Who says that you cannot send or receive messages from virtual number? Come on, text messaging can also be allowed on a virtual number. To your customers, it looks like and functions exactly like normal text messaging, and to you, it is actually increased. It depends on what texting service you are using, you cannot just send and receive texts normally, but you can also manage the messages you receive or have.  Things get simpler, easy and fast. Of course, different services providers might have different sets of facilities for you. Before availing a service, make sure that you have explored their features.

You can add extensions

Yuppie, as a part of a virtual phone system, you can easily add traditional extensions in the same way that you might have done with a conventional wired office system. Moreover, the good news is that they can be assigned to individuals, groups or departments as per the need.


To make it sound professional is a main priority when setting up a phone system that is why you may want the usage of a Call Menu, or auto attendant, so that your callers can simply press a number and be linked to the right person. It is fortunate that this feature can easily be added to any virtual phone number.


So, whether you buy virtual number for sms or for any other reason; you can make the most of this tool for your business growth!

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