Be a Preferred Customer of Amsoil Incorporation

Let us first know the difference between the preferred customer and the dealers.


The dealers are the people who are involved in selling the products of the Amsoil Company in order to gain extra income. The dealership will allow the person to resell the product and also to grow the network. They can start their own amsoil business.

Preferred Customers

The preferred customers are the person who would like to buy the products of Amsoilin large quantity or buy as a wholesale, which are similar to the amsoil dealer but are not interested to start the business.

If the preferred customers think of starting the Amsoil business in future he can start in order to help people to save their money.

amsoil dealer

The preferred customer of Amsoil can directly order the products through online or by phone call or by email or fax. Once the products are ordered they are delivered to its customer through UPS mode.

In order to become a preferred customer of the Amsoil products, you need to register at their company website or through phone. Once the registration is complete you will receive the preferred customer kit through mail. If you move to a different place you can still continue to be a preferred customer of the company.


The preferred customer program of Amsoil is for those customers who needs the product of the company but are unable to find a dealer to purchase the products.

There are three ways in which you can become the preferred customer of Amsoilby filling out the online form, or by email process or by telephone process. You can select any one of the method according to your choice.

The advantage of being a preferred customer of Amsoil is you can buy most of the product with an affordable rate than the retailer.The preferred customer will have a chance of earning a P.C point whenever they purchase aAmsoil product. The more you earn the point the more dollars you start earning.

You can even earn points by referring you friend or your family members. Whenever the reference person makes a purchase you will be credited with 500 points. These points will help you to renew your membership plan and also avails you with the discount service on products.

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