Amazing Yet Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother

Brothers mean a world to their sisters! No matter how far away they are or how older they get, they are an irreplaceable part of a sister’s life. And while, every sister feels blessed to have a brother, the festivity of Rakhi make their bond stronger year by year. She spends months for her Rakhi gift search hunt and finds that one sacred thread with which she wishes to celebrate the oneness and at the same time ties the wishes of well being.

However, selecting a rakhi gift depends upon a sister’s choice and at the same time on the type of the brother. Well, if you’re one of them, the article is sure to put an end to your hunt and give you plentiful options to choose from

For the swagger

His personality speaks for him! That’s right, many sisters have a bro who is known to have a swag. They are known to make statements, and to surprise one such brother, how about you get an Apple smartwatch that tracks his routine, his activity, and give him one more reason to keep going with a true swag on!

For the fitness freak

They diet, they spend hours in the gym, forget feeding on junk, simply for that muscular body they dreamed off. This Rakhi, give him a sweet gift that could infuse deliciousness at the same time add a zest of fun. Wondering what it can be? Well, it is a fitness designer cake! So, what’s with the wait? Send Rakhi Cake Online right away!

For the cute little monster

He’s crazy, mad, and a helluva trickster and there’s no denying you’ve fallen for his pranks now and then. For a notorious brother like yours, there can be no gift better than a minion. You can get him a minion-inspired cake, toy, tee, notebook, bedsheet, a minion rakhi and give him a reminder that he will always your one in a minion.

For the spiritual brother

He has his own beliefs, follows the righteous path of divinity and for a brother like him, there’s no gift better than a gift of sacredness. Gift him an evil eye hanging or a Rudraksha Rakhi. 

Amazing Yet Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother

For the bearded brother

There’s no no-shave November, but it is a no shave year for him. He never thought of shaving that forest off his face, and considers it a true swag. For a brother like him, there can be no gift better than a grooming kit comprising of every tool and cream that would help him maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

For the Salman Khan Fan

Sallu is his life and his dream. He watches the first day first shows and flat-out mad about him and to take care of his addiction, a Salman Khan bracelet would do or a unique token from the ‘Being Human’ brand. In fact, there are rakhis that are embellished in honor of Salman Khan, make some extra time and effort, and grab one of those.

For the Studious Brother

A library is his temple and it is his books he worships. For a studious brother like him, a book from his favorite genre or a series based books would do. You can even give him a Dexter laboratory gift and be his Di-Di from Cartoon Network.

Now, that you’re aware of all the types of brother and the relevant gifts, it’s time you make your order and don’t miss out on mesmerizing him on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi.

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