Aluminum Extrusion, A Versatile Way That Is Thermally Stable

There are hundreds of metals out there in the market that we know. The metals, when extracted, are not in usable forms. Several metal extraction and metal refining steps need to be done before we can finally get 100 percent pure state metal. After getting the pure state metal, we can use it for whatever purpose that we want. Aluminum is a great metal that is known for its conductivity. Many materials that we use in daily life are made and for manufacturing extrusion is a must. It has many properties and it can be recycled after use. Which makes it the best metal to use and the process reliable.

Examples of some extremely useful metals are iron, aluminum, gold, platinum, mercury, etc. and their uses are:

  • They can be used in making jewelry.
  • They are used to make utensils.
  • Due to their high strength and toughness, they can make bridges, homes, etc.
  • They are good conductors of electricity, so they are used to make electricity cables and wires.

What is extrusion?

Aluminum extrusion is when aluminum is forced to pass through a die with a specific cross-sectional area. The shape of the die decides the shape in which the aluminum alloy material will come out. One can compare this extrusion process to a simple daily life commodity, which is toothpaste. When we put pressure on the tube, the toothpaste comes out of the circular opening in a circular shape. The same is the process of aluminum extrusion.

process of aluminum extrusion

There are mainly three shapes in which the aluminum can be extruded. They are:

  • Solid
  • Hollow
  • Semi-Hollow


  • The extrusion process is used to make different parts, which can later be interlocked and assembled. It is used to make display cabinets and picture frames.
  • Due to the property of good conductor of electricity, it can be used to make electrical equipment types.
  • It can also be used in lighting applications. Extruded aluminum with fins makes an excellent radiator and is very lightweight at the same time.
  • Workbenches, inspection tables, and carts, which are lightweight yet stiff, are all applications of aluminum extrusion.

Winding Up                          

Aluminum is the most versatile material, and we can find its usage everywhere if we carefully observe it. It is so lightweight that it can be used in many applications where weight is an important factor. It does not get corrupted very easily, so it is more durable than the other metals. Though being lightweight, it does not lag in strength. It has a lot of strength. It is highly durable as it is corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, and immune from UV radiation’s harmful effects, so they offer a very long lifetime. It is a recyclable material.

It also provides the facility of being thermally stable, which adds to the list of its applications. With all these aluminum uses, it is impossible to think that aluminum extrusion is not an important process. It is a very important process and is used very widely because of all the applications it provides.

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