Affordable Hotel Accommodation in Seberang Jaya

Hotel rooms are many in Seberang Jaya, but not all of them can be trusted for top quality. Are you planning to visit Malaysia soon and need a great place to chill while you’re here? Then you should consider no other place than Sunway Hotel. It’s undoubtedly the best place to visit when looking for a hotel room in Seberang Jaya Pulau Pinang. The hotel is affordable including the series of services provided here. The facilities are top notch and can make your stay highly comfortable. The hotel is close to various social amenities that can add fun to life.

Unique location

The Sunway Hotel is located right at the center of Seberang Jaya. As a result, you can get to any location very easily without further ado. The hotel can be found at the intersection of East-West and North-South Highways, which is just about 30 minutes away from the Penang International Airport, located 25 km from the hotel. If you need a hotel room in Seberang Jaya Pulau Pinang, then never forget to consider Sunway Hotel. Its proximity to the international airport ensures you will not have to slave through traffic for hours on end before you can get to the hotel, and rest well after your journey.

Ideal for all

The Sunway Hotel is the perfect lodging place for all. It does not matter if you’re a private individual or a business person; you can lodge here comfortably and access one of the best quality services in hospitality. Are you a tourist or a corporate executive and visiting Malaysia for the first time? Not to worry; get in touch with the hotel and book a room. You can even make an online booking, irrespective of where you’re coming from, and the room will be reserved until your arrival. You may not believe it, but online booking is more affordable than booking for a room on your arrival. The rooms are affordable, and anyone living on a budget and looking for a hotel room in Seberang Jaya Pulau Pinang can patronize them here without any problem.

Great places near you

Your lodging at Sunway Hotel will also bring you very close to unique sites where you can have endless fun, like the UNESCO World Heritage Site here. Some other places of importance you can visit while lodging in this hotel is:

  • My Crystal Museum
  • Nagarathar Sivan Temple
  • Sri Kamatchi Amman Temple
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • 5D Interactive World
  • Hin Bus Depot
  • Penang Times Square
  • Penang House of Music

The hotel contains 202 rooms and suites, each of them uniquely designed to meet the needs of the lodger perfectly. The panoramic view of Seberang Jaya’s skyline equally adds to the fun and excitement here.Never think of another place other than Sunway Hotel when looking for a hotel room in Seberang Jaya Pulau Pinang. Each room is designed to meet the needs of the lodgers perfectly, irrespective of the financial standing or ability of the lodger. The facilities available here are also not available in many other hotels around.

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