A beginner’s guide for using the sharpening stone

A good sharp knife is always better and safer for you than the dull knives. A dull knife is less predictable, and it can slip from the food at any time. Knife sharpening with a sharpening stone is much easier compared to other types. It gives you the control of how fine you want to hone the cutting edge. Buying a superior quality diamond stone for sharpening by smalldiner blog, you can achieve the perfect sharpness. Sharpening knife using the stone is neither time-consuming nor difficult. A high-quality Wheatstone offers great results and maintains longevity. With adequate skills and practice, you can achieve sharp results using the fine stones. Learning how to sharpen your knives is an essential skill. Here are a few basic steps on how to use the sharpening stone.

Make knife sharpening easier using a diamond stone

  • First, you have to prepare the stone to ensure safe and efficient sharpening. Place the stone on a towel and ensure they are on the flat surface. If you place it in the right position, it will not slide during sharpening. To make your knife back into the correct shape begin with the coarse side of the stone on the top.
  • Now, deepening on the stone types you have to lubricate the stones. Check whetherit requires oil or water. The diamond sharpening stones don’t need any lubricant. Be sure to check the instructions before start using stone. Once the preparation is done, you are ready to start sharpening.
  • The trickiest and uncertain aspect for novice to use sharpening stone is learning the correct angle of the knife. At a 90-degree angle hold the knife with the blade down. Move the knife to a 45-degree angle, adjustments can be made up or down as needed. Start sharpening only when you have a good estimate of the appropriate sharpening angle.
  • Once you found the correct angle, then begin sharpening. Depending on the dullness of the knife repeat the motion additional times. Flip each side and sharp the blade of the knife. Also, turn the fine side of the sharpening stone and repeat the steps.
  • The important tip that you should keep in mind is that while sharpening the knife, consistency is key. You need to sharp both sides equally, so ensure you are using the same angle at each time. Get the best diamond stone for sharpening by smalldiner blog and follow the above steps to sharpen your knife.

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