5 Ways To Start a Conversation on Instagram

Social media is an excellent tool in marketing, but are you making the most of it? From real estate social media post templates to giveaways, there are many ways to engage your online audience. However, one of the most effective strategies is to start a convearsation.

How can you converse with thousands of followers? It’s actually easier than you think. In fact, here are five ways to start a conversation on Instagram.

  1. Keep Track of Brand Engagement

Before you start pursuing conversations, make sure you have a way to track them. There are a number of helpful programs that help you organize social media interactions so you know what you’ve replied to and what needs your attention. Additionally, you want to track who is engaging with your brand and what they’re saying. This will help you gauge your degree of success and tailor your future approach.

  1. Thank New Followers

As you focus on engagement, you’ll gradually build followers. You can easily see new followers, comments and likes on your Instagram Activity page. To start building a relationship, send a quick DM thanking new followers for their interest and promise more content.

On Instagram, it’s also customary in some communities to thank commenters who offer compliments. Just a short reply can encourage your audience to engage in the future.

  1. Start a Debate

Another great way to engage with potential customers is to start a debate. People love to share their opinions on social media, so you’re sure to get lots of responses if you pose a hypothetical. For example, you can ask which social media platform your audience prefers, what type of smart phone is the best or whether people prefer to shop online or in person.

Of course, when you take this approach, make sure to stay away from any controversial topics. Debates can get pretty heated, so make sure to monitor comments and report anyone who crosses the line.

  1. Ask a Question

Though similar to a debate, questions are less about getting discussion going between audience members and more about engaging directly with individuals. You can ask an open-ended question, such as everyone’s plans for the weekend, or create a poll on your Instagram story. If you’re trying to gauge consumer reactions on a topic, you should try the latter; the former is more effective for initiating conversations with individual users.

  1. Share Industry News

As anyone who uses real estate marketing templates knows, social media is a great place to keep consumers updated on industry news. Of course, it’s not enough to just share someone else’s articles — you need to offer something unique. Offering commentary on shared articles is fine, but the best option is to create your own content via a blog. Then you can ask for feedback and engage with your audience on multiple platforms.

With so many companies easily accessible via the internet, consumers expect to be engaged and valued by businesses. By nurturing communication online with tools such as real estate email marketing templates and Instagram posts, you can form long-lasting customer relationships and expand your enterprise’s influence.

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