4Upcoming cars in 2018

There are about more than a century of cars which are about to launch in the year 2018 like Maruti Grand Vista, Mahindra s 201, Toyota Supra, etc. and there are many more to be listed further. Following are some of the cars which are coming in the year 2018:

  • The Mahindra Marazzo

The Marazzois inspired from the word shark spelled in Basque. The price of the car is about nine lakhs to 14 lakhs ranging according to some varying features. The variations of the cars are available in both the categories – the seven seater and the eight seaters ones as well. Among the new upcoming cars, this is the one which is looked forward to by the customers.

That of the shark mostly influences the design of the car. This model of Mahindra is expected to be way more well-designed and reliable as Mahindra always excels in the improvisation of its designs. The outlook of the car is quite enough in its place to let the people hooked on the car. The price is also set in a quite appropriate manner as it is the best availability of a lot of features at such an affordable price.

  • Mahindra S 201

The present leading upcoming cars in 2018 in India compact SUV is the Mahindra S 201. With these many variations and models, it is observed that Mahindra is quite aware of the ways to keep the customers happy. They always offer some additional features in each of the models they bring out thereby they make the model a little special from the others. This is the reason why the Mahindra vehicles are always waitedwidely as people are fond of the company as well as all the features it provides.

  • Toyota Supra

This car is expected to be a little different from all the other kinds of the cars available. This car is expected to be a sports car, and it is in alliance with the BMW. There are some designs which were out and were showcased to the great fan base of the company.  The 6-cylinder 3 litres turbo would power this.

  • Mercedes A-class

The Mercedes A-class is also all set to be out in the year 2018. It has gained all the fame and popularity before the launch itself, and the expectations of the customers are at the peak of the car as usual. The price of the cars is set according to the features they provide. The price of these cars is set quite high, but actually, they provide such luxuries with them as well. Thus it seems that there would be the launch of the car till the latter half of the year 2018.

Thus, there are many cars which are to be launched, and this time the customers are looking forward to the remodelling of the pre-existing ones in a better way so that all the requirements of the customers can be met.

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