4 rules of Feng shui that should never be broken

Feng shui is a Chinese practice of attracting goodness and wellness towards our home. It is an ancient method but it is powerful. There are a lot of people who get benefitted from this practice so they have faith in it. If you also want to put Feng shui in your house then you just have to consult with Feng shui master in Singapore. It is very important to consult with an expert as they have proper knowledge of this thing.

Feng shui master in Singapore will help you by telling you the right direction and method of putting this thing in the house and many more.

So let’s move onto our main and interesting topic.

4 rules of Feng shui: 

  1. Be organized and tidy 

This is the main thing that decorators, experts, and a specialist will tell you. You must have to clean your house, keep away any kind of dust, dirt, etc. A clean and organized house attracts happiness and wellness in your house. But if you don’t care about the cleanliness in your house then you can get stress, anxiety, sickness, and tension, etc. So keep this thing in mind always.

  1. Keep your bed away from the window 

This is the rule for which Feng shui is very strict. Your bed should be away from the window and also from the door. It should be placed near a hard wall. Furniture plays a key role in this. So you just have to take care of the furniture placement in your house.

Feng shui master in Singapore

  1. Separate your work and rest areas 

This is also an important rule which you have to follow if you want the benefit. You must have to separate the work and rest area. Some people do work from home and they put their laptops beside their work. And it is totally wrong, they never get the good vibe to do work properly. So just keep this thing in mind and separate the bedroom and work area. So that you can able to do your work without any kind of negative or lazy vibe.

  1. Know your colors: 

This is the rule of Feng shui to select a preferred color for your house. You must have to think for a while and choose a color that gives you a good vibe. There are a lot of people who like a light blue color but some like light green color. So you also must have to find out this.

These are the things that you should have to keep in mind. And if you feel any kind of consultation regarding Feng shui then you must have to visit our website.

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