Working Your Way Round The VPN Ban

Being able to watch your favourite US shows from the Netflix streaming service can prove quite tricky when you are outside of the US national borders.

Across the globe their are territory margins which depict what shows and films you can watch. Sounds a little unfair, but Netflix like many other streaming services have their reasons for setting boundaries in place. There are of course ways of working your way around the geolocation block system, but Netflix have since caught on to the method and have now begun their fight back.

Installing one of the most complex systems to start blocking vpn IP addresses, the network has had many successes, but there are some vpn services which continue to remain one step ahead of the streaming giant.

Why all the blocks?

So we mentioned that many brands do it. Separating the globe into their respective areas has resulted in some 200 different Netflix services. Searching for como ver netflix usa, or how to watch netflix usa, will more often than not throw up some proxy warnings which read something along the lines of not available in your territory. It’s annoying but the biggest blockade reason is copyright.


Stamping down on piracy and theft, copyright laws set their own barricades which Netflix may not have any control over. Certain production companies or advertisers only pay for their products to be shown to the relative audiences they target. Having vpn users from around the globe joining in with their IP addresses crosses the line of the legal barrier which is when Netflix began to execute their block on vpn addresses.

Getting around the ban

So Netflix have stopped you watching the netflix usa (netflix eua) service, but have they really?

There are still some vpn providers who have managed to keep operating even with the ban in place. Searching through the Internet for vpn providers will help you to narrow down the providers to find an operator who can allow you to continue watching US Netflix from anywhere in the world.

There may be some trial and error needed in order to find a server which works as well as you need it to, but after your own selection process you may find that you need to change provider or server.

Netflix have got their ban in place for a reason and of course there’s a chance that they will catch on to you at some point. Changing the server or provider you use will in effect change the IP address you are logging on to the service with, once again shrouding your true location so you can continue watching your favourite US shows.

One word of warning is of course to do your research on vpn providers. You may find some top results with lots of reviews but dig a little further to make sure that the provider you choose is reliable, reputable and safe to trust with your financial details and private information.

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