Why Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Come More Often

If you see a massage therapist infrequently, there is a likely chance that when you do and see this person they try and get you to commit to come more frequently. You might think that the reason this person asks you to come more frequently is simply to make additional fees from you. Although there is nothing wrong with someone who provides a good service trying to provide that service more to customers, there is quite possibly another great reason why this person is asking you to come more often and it has everything to do with your benefit.

The main reason is because of where massage has grown to in the eyes of the traditional medical community over the past decades.

Massage used to be considered an activity that was a nice way to relax and enjoy oneself and where you muscles could be soothed if they were sore. And even though the roots of massage date back thousands of years with practitioners and clients extolling its virtues the entire time, it was not taken seriously until recently because there was no body of western clinical evidence of its benefits.

Since there have been dozens of peer reviewed studies conducted, now the west is ready to say that massage has real and measurable health benefits. Today massage is recognized as a vital tool for maintaining and restoring good health to millions of people around the world.  Massage has been identified by the traditional medical community as an effective medical therapy that can:

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Relieve Stress: Massage works on easing muscle, ligament, and tendon tightness. It is also performed in a very relaxed and calm atmosphere which soothes the mind. These elements combine to help reduce or eliminate stress.

Healing: Certain types of massage including sports massage and remedial massage can actually help heal tissue in the body.

Preventative: The stretching and loosening of muscles and tendons during regular massage sessions can help prevent many injuries.

One of the biggest benefits of massage is that it is non-invasive and all natural. It does not require you to take any medications or be subjected to any foreign objects or substances, and in the event of any massage technique being too uncomfortable, you can simply tell the massage therapist to stop it or do it with less severity.

As you can see, massage has a wealth of great benefits for anyone who indulges in them and many of these benefits accumulative. This might be the reason why your massage therapist wants to see you more often. The more you come the better you will feel and the healthier you will become. So consider seeing your massage therapist more often. Yes it will cost you more money, but the benefits might be a healthier and longer life.

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