Why to Act When There Are No COVID-19 Cases in Town – Know Reasons

Young adults and students of small town not affected by COVID-19 yet are not prepared to follow the protocols of healthcare experts because there are no confirmed cases at their places. Most of the people of those areas are saying they are not concerned regarding contract of coronavirus that cause COVID-19.

However, healthcare professionals recommend that it is time to listen and to prepare for the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Virus may spread from young people

Even though, there are not any confirmed COVID-19 cases in the town, it’s definitely a great mistake living common life in these situations because waiting until cases rise up will be too late. Most of the people are asymptomatic initially if those people go out to do their work can increase the rate of transmission gradually.

It takes some time to get the test reports by this time many people can get affected by the infected person. Moreover, most of the young people don’t exhibit symptoms.

No one likes to stay at home itself

According to experts, precautionary measures like avoiding touching ears, nose, and mouth or self-isolation, wearing face mask when visiting outside, and others will be able to defend you from coronavirus. An infected person can spread it 1 to 2 people that contributes more cases as happened in the states like California, New York, and Washington, the worst hit states.

So, it’s essential to follow precautionary measures even there are not any confirmed COVID-19 cases in your area or city.

Precautions that save lives

As per experts, precautionary measures will not only save life of people but also can ease burden on healthcare system as well. Everyone is at risk, but people who have underlying health problems are more prone to the disease. So, you have to take necessary care like:

  • Keeping water and food emergency kit – According to Department of Homeland security, people have to keep water and food for 3 days or more in case of natural disaster. In this pandemic situation people have to prepare by getting essential products that last in the period of self-quarantine or isolation.
  • Foods to store at home – Even though, grocery stores, water, and electricity will work uninterrupted, but keeping non-perishable products is the best thing to do at pandemic. They are canned vegetables and fruits, dried beans, rice, frozen foods, and others.
  • Stay safe while visiting outside for shopping – Maintaining social distancing is nothing but protecting you from virus. Stay 6 feet away from others when you visit outside and wear a mask without fail. Also, use a sanitizer when leaving the store. Wash your hands for 20 seconds after arriving home.

Get all the essential products and stay at home as much as possible to prevent the spread of virus. If you have to go out for anything don’t forget to wear a face mask. You can find a wide variety of face masks online, choose the best vendor and order face masks for you and your family members.

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