Why Human Translation Is Still Better Than Machine

There are roughly 6500 languages spoken around the world. The only way to communicate between them is translation. The effective translation is key to communicate between companies, individuals, customers and also countries. Translation services are provided by a language expert. With the advancement of technology,translation services are nowadays also done by machines. However, human translation is still considered better than a machine.

The reason why human translation services are better.

  • Culture difference

Various cultures in the world have separate unique features. The machines would not be able to understand names, idioms and slangs that are prevalent in the particular culture. On the other hand, the native speakers of the language will have a prolific command of the language. They would also be well versed in different linguistic terms of the culture. Understanding them and providing a suitable equivalent would be easier for the human translator.

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  • Words and contexts

In all languages there exist words with more than one meaning. In such cases, it becomes difficult for the machine to translate the entire sentence according to their meaning. This is due to the fact that the same words can have different meanings according to its use in the sentence. Translation services in such cases become challenging for the machine. The machine can’t translate the words according to the context.

  • New words being introduced

Every language keeps developing. The advancement is not only limited to the language but to the dialects too. The recent updates in the numerous dialects of the language cannot be accounted for by the machine translation services. It is possible to decipher them only by human translators.

  • Tone and mannerism

The translation services are not limited to bare conversion of words in the required language. It is important to bring out the tone of the document. These intricacies would be difficult for machine translation. Whereas, human translation can interpret and convert the content in the required mood.

  • Human involvement is unavoidable

Machine translation does need human intervention. Copyeditor and proofreading are required to be done by humans. This is done to check the grammar and comprehensibility of the content. Thus, human involvement cannot be avoided.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, machine translation has improved by leaps and bounds. However, we cannot eliminate human involvement for translation services. Machine translation is a good tool for a large volume of work when the accuracy required is not that high. Human translation remains the best option when you require a higher quality output.

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