Why choosing an expert notary is important for your legal step?

Have you purchased a property and are in doubt about what is the next step to ensure that everything is done correctly? Once the deed has been registered, the first step must be to register your property in a real estate registry. However, the property right only comes into existence with the registration of the property in a specialized office.

This means that if the person does not register, they risk losing the good in some lawsuit that will question this property. For this you must need a notary expert. Get the proper information here https://monasalehinotaire.com/

Main services offered at a real estate registry office

When registering the property, the real estate registry ensures that the person actually obtains his property. In addition, the letter gathers information about the complete history of each registered property.

Through inquiries to certificates, any interested party is able to inquire about old and current owners of the property, in addition to restrictions and encumbrances on the property that may prevent the purchase and sale.Check out the main services offered by the notaries-


Whenever a property is registered for the first time, a new registration is opened. The enrollment is a numbering that is given to the good, which will be recorded in the books of the notary.all information about the property, such as its location and footage, is noted. If the property changes, through registrations and annotations, they will also be marked.

real estate registry

The three main situations in which it will be necessary to open an enrollment are

  • the property will be registered for the first time
  • the owner owns properties located side by side and wants to unify the registrations
  • the property will be divided into several parts – for each part a new registration will be required


Registration is the act that certifies who owns the property, or effectively transfers the property to another person. This act must always be done in the registry office of the administrative region where the property is located.

To register, you must provide the following documents-

  • deed of the property (will be drawn up when the property is completely removed)
  • identification documents of the future owner such as RG, CPF and marriage certificate
  • Proof of payment of Tax on Real Estate Transmission

As seen, real estate registration is one of the fundamental steps when it is intended to acquire greater security in this type of purchase. Remember that you are applying years of investment in a property, so find out every detail, and look for references, and if you feel a need, good notaries can help you make the best choice.

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