Why Choose Using Paper Cups

There is a common question that is frequently asked by the customers when looking for cups. It is a question that is tricky to answer as it depends on the temperature of the drink it lasts when used. There is a wide range of items that start from single-wall biodegradable cups to the latest tripe-wall hot cups. The insulating properties of the cups are the primary difference between these specific types of cups. 

Which paper cups do you need?

When you are looking for a perfect cup for hot coffee, then go for the triple-wall cups. But, when you are using it for bearable heat or normal temperature of the water, a single-wall can be a good option. The single-wall construction of these paper cups has no additional later for insulating the heat of the drink. So, it is best for normal or warm temperature beverages. A double-wall cup is specifically designed for withstanding the much high-temperature drinks. The dual-layer of the wall works the same way to a thermos flask. It traps the air and isolates the hand of the customer from hot beverages. Double-wall biodegradable cups provide extra strength and make it suited to an on-the-go coffee.

Best paper cups

With the growing numbers of high street drinks and coffee chains provide, it favors the disposable cup to be on the trend. Also, it can be an interesting and challenging way to find which cups are the most effective insulator. With this, you can compare or make a test of the percentage of insulating properties between paper cups and polystyrene type. The test can be done with a simple test by keeping the hot liquid in both cup types. Find out which has the longest length time that kept the liquid hotter.

biodegradable cups

Polystyrene versus paper cups

A heat retention test can be done. Put 200 ml of very hot water in both paper cups and polystyrene cups. Find out which is a better insulator of the two kinds of cups. Doing a wider comparison between these two types of cups reveals how the insulation properties will measure up. Each cup reveals a specific insulation level, you find it out by trying. The following properties are measured here:

Temperature test. You are going to test the temperature by using a thermometer on the liquid. A temperature reading must be done every minute and make a limit like 20 minutes. You will find out that the paper cup is the best insulator.

Heat retention. Both cups had dropped the liquid’s temperature fastly after five minutes. It dropped to 90 degrees centigrade from 100 degrees centigrade. The paper version has a slower rate of cooling the liquid compared to the polystyrene cups.

Paper cups are perfect to use with piping hot drinks.

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