Which Is Better Between Arlo And Blink?

There are so many brands of smart security cameras out there today and one may be confused about which one to choose among them. If this is the first time you will be shopping for smart security cameras, you may be confused about which one to buy. Many of the products being sold out there today are functional, but they come with different features, as well as, have their specific limitations.  Arlo and Blink are outstanding brands of smart security cameras and they are among the best out there today.  In this write-up, we will show you the difference between Arlo vs Blink and this will help you to make the right choices among them.


Arlo comes in different types and each type is uniquely different from the other. The available types are highlighted below:

  • Arlo Ultra
  • Arlo Pro 3
  • Arlo Pro 2
  • Arlo Pro

All the types come with wireless connectivity.  They also feature Live view that can enable you see what is happening around your home in real time.  Furthermore, they come with 2-way audio so that you and the person at your doorstep can communicate with each other.  The resolution, however, differs across board with Arlo Ulltra having the highest resolution of 4k and Arlo Pro having the lowest resolution of 720p. The field of view equally differs with Arlo Ultra having 180 degree and Arlo Pro having 130 degree field of view.

Arlo vs Blink

Furthermore, Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 have color night vision, while the rest have only Black and White night vision. Both Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 come with Led Spotlight, but the remaining two do not feature this.  The battery life in Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 is 3 to 6 months; that of Arlo Pro 3 is 3 months, while Arlo Pro comes with 4 to 6 months battery power. Only Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro come with Siren on Base Station, while Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 feature Siren on Camera.

In this Arlo vs Blink review we will focus next on some facts about Blink smart security camera.


Blink also comes in varieties; the two available varieties are:

  • Blink XT2
  • Blink XT

Both of them have wireless connectivity and also permit live view.  They equally have 2-way audio for easy communication.  The two of them have 1080p resolutions also and they only permit Black and White night view; this is one of the areas where the Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 outshine the Blink smart security camera.

Nevertheless, Blink products come with batteries that can last longer than what obtain in any Arlo product; the batteries in Blink smart security cameras can last for as long as 2 years.  Both types of the Blink products have lower field of view of 110 degree compared to Arlo Ultra that has 180 degree field of view.

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