What You Should Know About Hair Loss And Treatments

Hair loss, when coming off as an everyday phenomenon, can grow into a fear. Your hair is the crowning glory and it determines how people look at you. To reach an age when hair loss becomes frequent is something that people wish would never happen.

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Hereditary And Health-Related Causes

One of the most frequently asked questions asked by patients about hair loss is about its causes. There are various points to determine when talking about these causes and there are several points of consider when understanding where they come from.

First are hereditary factors. You may notice how people tend to have a receding hairline and suffer from hair loss earlier than the others. These may be brought by their genes and their family history. If someone in the family suffers from the same, then there is a huge chance that you can also experience these earlier. It is imperative to be aware of these factors so you would be able to know what to do.

Second are health-related problems. There are diseases that are associated with hair loss and even when it is not about genetic causes, diseases like typhoid fever or malaria can cause hair loss. Aside from these, surgical procedures can also sometimes use up chemicals that can affect the growth of hair.

Hormonal Changes And Medication

Hair loss can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations and medication. Premature hair loss can be due to the fact that a person may have an under performing thyroid gland or they are experience lower sexual hormones. These hormones play a great role in the development of the hair from the scalp so the lack of these hormones can sometimes cause hair loss.

Other than hormonal changes, taking some medications can sometimes affect the way hair grows from the scape as well. Medicines have certain ingredients that can oppose the way chemicals function within the scalp. These include steroids, vitamin A, birth control medications, antidepressants, and blood thinners.

Other Causes

Hair loss may also be brought by other causes such as infection, psychological torment, and internal health risks. It is important for a patient like you to trace the causes of hair loss so you can have something to share and impart when you meet with the doctor.

What You Can Do

Now comes the part of meeting with your physician. Hair loss is something that you should never neglect. One of the most effective treatments for hair loss is known as PRP injection of Nexus Clinic.

PRP injection is a therapy that makes use of plasma filled with platelets wherein blood is taken from a patient just like testing blood. The blood will be processed so only the good components can be re-introduced to the scalp to produce hair as normally as possible. The treated platelets will stimulate weakened follicles and encourage them to produce new hair and prevent hair fall. The scalp is bound to become more proactive and healthier over these treatments.

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