What You Need to Know About the CIGNA 108% Health Spectra

CIGNA Group leads the global health service in helping people to have a chance to improve their health, their well-being, and have a sense of security. They are available in over 30 countries and their global network includes over a million of health professionals, clinics and also facilities. We all know that having an insurance is very important not only to us but also to our family members.

            CIGNA is ranked 79th in the 206 Fortune 500 list. They have 90 million customer relationships worldwide. They believe that a person’s medical and financial needs are very important. You should be able to manage your medical risks without compromising your financial needs.

The CIGNA Plan Requirements

Anyone who is 18 years up to 65 years at last birthday is covered by the CIGNA insurance. It is also renewable until you reach the age of 65. You can choose whether to pay monthly or annually. The policy currency will either be in HKD or USD. CIGNA 108% Health Spectra will correspond to the plan level of your choice. This will be determined by your age, gender, and smoking habits of the person that is being insured.

The Benefits of CIGNA 108% Spectra

            CIGNA offers the best practical solution to help you protect not only yourself but also to safeguard your family against unwanted circumstances. Here are the benefits that you can get from this plan, which will surely make your life easier.

Healthu Insurance

  • Comprehensive Medical Protection.

    This plan will cover your hospitalization expenses, and also the common expenses such as inpatient and outpatient surgical expenses. This will also cover the post-surgical expenses. A lump-sum will also be given for carcinoma-in-situ beneficiaries.

  • Extra Cash Value.

    As mentioned above, on the 10th year of your policy, you will receive a 100% of your premium plus an added 8% of the total premium that you paid. The extra cash will apply even if you have made extra claims on surgical, hospitalization, and also post-surgical expenses and carcinoma-in-situ benefit.

  • Lump-Sum Cancer Benefit.

    When you have the first confirmed cancer diagnosis, you will be given an extra lump-sum of up to HKD 300,000. This will be offered in addition to the 100% total premium refund. All of this will surely provide you with an added financial support at times that you need it most.

The Health Check-Up Discounts

CIGNA offers its clients with health check-up discounts. CIGNA will give you the annual discount coupons that you can use for body check-ups and spinal health assessments. This will enable you to better understand the status of your health. These health check-up discount coupons will be issued together with your policy document pack and also 30 days after you policy anniversary.

CIGNA 108% Spectra: Let CIGNA Help You

            Hong Kong is facing a bucketload of challenges, especially with its people’s health. CIGNA offers the best solution to your problem. Their solution is to help you manage your medical risks while also meeting your financial needs. CIGNA 108% Spectra is the answer to this. This plan will provide you with a Hong Kong 10 year cover medical insurance.

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